Which is better mastery perks, damage or attack speed

My alliance and I have been debating recently on best mastery perks to get. There is a small amount of confusion and I cannot find the answer anywhere so it’s time to ask. What exactly does the damage perk affect? If I gwt attack speed my sheet dps is alot higher than if I pick damage in the same spot, but does that mean my hero will do more or less damage? I understand the sheet damage is a formula based off speed and damage, but does the damage perk affect skills and/or invos, or stats like frostbite?

Attack speed is the best mastery as it increases overall damage and also increases chances proc perks like stun, demolition,frostbite,petrify.

Last week i changed attack speed for damage perk which decreased my overall damage :fearful:


I agree with all.of that and did the same to us, but does that mean that hero will do less actual damage, if the stat affects spells and procs then would it be possible that damage is better, just not on paper?

Damage perk only affects actual damage done when hitting things not powers. Normally the damage perk is quite a small % of heroes damage capability so not worth taking for that reason when you can gain 15% att speed or more from an equivalent perk as @HOLYDIVINE says you get the added bonus of any perks such as Loh/Fb etc activating more frequently.
Heroes that do very low damage should look for demo perks to help them destroy stuff.

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I always focused on Attack Speed! I have 101.6% now and my hero is like flying.
Attack Damage, I dont think, it matters much for me.
I have about 2200 damage now, but it matters a lot when you have a scream strike rate boost. I have 10s boost and it works perfectly for me.

You can max out AS, you can’t max out Damage.

Also without any other perks, damage output depends per hero, although not major differences, there are some cases where you could use more damage.

Overall, AS is usually better to perform with your heroes. Your real question would be, are you willing to refine a maxed out AS weapon, to add anything (stun/demo/loh/frostbite/petrify), or not. That’s a debate for me… (assuming you can’t add AS anywhere else).

What is max AS %?


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absolutely AS is better than damage…but if this issue is about 2nd slot of mastery ; DR is best.

It’s tough to get much DR from a single mastery.

you re right but DR is rare, AS is ordinary perk…im useing AS bc of my low odysey lvl. (max dr option %3.71)

also dr is more useful on GK

Rare or not I still think you get more bang for your buck from AS.

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For hero attack power - AS is best
For hero defense - LOH is best

And rare perks like demo, frost, DR, potency … They are good only on uniques. Because they can be maxed out easily at that lvl, otherwise they are a waste.


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