which is the best three spells ?

i know to know that which spells i can used . i have three slots and i want three best spells to use and i want to upgrade them only . dont want to waste my gold in others ones. Thanks i currently use 1. hammerstrike 2. fire storm 3 shield

Well all spells could be useful and all best at the same time (aside Toxic Cloud because of most things have resistance to poison but also most troops) but everything depend on what type of base you are going to raid.

I personally so far always used Shield + Hammerstrike + Sonic Blast , then i replaced Hammerstrike with Blizzard (as soon as i had it maxed, i waited to have it maxed before replace it). Immediately when i replaced hammerstrike with blizzard was a bit difficult to handle the situation because i had to learn how to use it (everything that i did doing experiences during raids). Also i found Blizzard better than Hammerstrike under the view of weakness of Skull Towers, and since most bases have them blizzard is perfect. Then Gargoyle Tower boost has been introduced…better again since gargoyle tower has ice as weakness. Then i decided to use Blizzard also for its slowdown effect.

This says it all :slight_smile:


So you just need to see what fits your style and what is good against the bases you face. If you want a list of spells in what order to upgrade, mine would be: Sonic Blast, Shield, Blizzard, Hammerstrike, Blade Storm, Heal, Firestorm, Swordrain, Stun, Toxic Cloud.

@Opelle: At what trophy range did u replace HS with Blizzard? Or felt the need to?

@OP: Firestorm looses its appeal by the time u hv SB lvl 2. And having both them in the arsenal can be powerful but very risky. The basic combination goes as this:

SB+ Instant damage spell + Heal/shield/BS/stun.

So the spells that u must get are the first 5 on Vester’s list, instead of 3.

The thing with HS nd Blizzard is that when u go to upgrade Blizzard, u see other priorities like shield nd SB. While HS is dolling out much more damage nd it is very hard to let go.

Depending on base, stun can be mighty useful in conjunction with Blizzard. And it’s dirt cheap for a useful lvl.

U can use heal/shield combo with knights, mind u, very powerful.

I ll max out in this sequence; SB, HS, Blizzard. While having useful lvls of shield, bladestorm nd stun in that order.

Hope that helped!!!

PS; consider “scream” as the fourth spell. :grinning:

  1. When i started to see lot of L bases or lot of chokepoints bases, Hammerstrike can’t help you so much;
  2. I set in my mind to replace hammerstrike with blizzard until i didn’t upgrade it at max, so even if i had at lvl 11 blizzard i still used hammerstrike for simple reason that i knew that it couldn’t destroy my main enemy: skull tower in 2 shot but most probably it could require more hit
  3. According to the trophies you are you have to learn and have to know how raid other bases. For me Blizzard started to become a good spell to use when i saw, as said at point 1, that hammerstrike couldn’t help me no more. However this doesn’t means that if you replace hammerstrike it’s because it’s a crap spell but because it’s not as useful as other spell.

In addition to this: Blizzard is awesome for multiple reasons. First it can hit an slow down skull towers on the opposite side of the road, what can save your army. Second it slows everything else down, making it slower and easier to take out while taking less damage yourself. Third it is a must have to deal with boosted wolfs, who’s howl alone can make you lose a raid at top level when it’s at a terrible time.

Thnx guys. Esp about the wolf thing. Wolves are not yet dangerous at my lvl. M at 3.4k trophies, lvl 79.

Bases with upgraded skull tower setup are rare too. But I do see the need!

And I do not think hammerstrike is a crap spell. It’s my favorite. I think I did one raid without it, felt uncomfortable, so hvnt replaced it yet. :slight_smile: