which of the trophy range are the best for farming gold?

I don’t know how does maximum reward gold calculated on opponents’ board, but i wanna know how much loot you guys get on certain range trophies.


please comment below with your king level, trophy range, average amount of loot you see on the boards.


i.g) my king is lv.67 trophy 2700-2800,  60k-180k average

loot from enemy bases is calculated by their current gold on their treasure chamber, and gold left at taverns, also the game itself adds a amount of gold per raid(this gold staggers downward as more raids are done)


thus if players offer rather low loot this is normally due to them using a gold shield so that all gold that is shown is the gold the game itself auto generates

3000+ is good I think

Top100 is good, they usually have millions unprotected.

It depends to your level. E.g. if you are lvl 80ish at the 4k trophy range and want to raid someone whos lvl 70 at the 3k range, you won’t get as much loot as someone else who is also at lvl 70 and wants to raid the same person.

There is a fine line to find when the game thinks that your purposely trophy dumping and tries to punish you with lower loots and you have to experiment on the trophy ranks to see where you are best suited. I’m at lvl 81, ranging from 3900 to 4200, and try to maintain an average of 200k per raid without counting the gold boosts. If i get to the 3800 or lower, i see a significant decrease on the loot available. When i go above 4200 it’s harder for me to 100% without scrolls, so the extra gold does not worth it. 

I am usually at 2800 trophies and usually get 200k and rarely but still happens 300k and over, highest I ever got was about 1,100,000 at this amount of trophies

thank you guys for the great feedbacks. I pretty much agree to Evelthon’s concept so far. one more thing to add is that clearing the last dungeon affected amount of medals i can get from the oppoents. Before clearing dungeon, i’ve seen average 4-700 medal loots, but after clearing dungeon i’ve seen only 150-400 medal loots. Since my kings only lv.67, low loot medal is giving me a hard time to lv up my king, neither i can’t bit high rank users with my king,troop,and spells… :slightly_frowning_face: