which one better cers or janus?

after quite sometimes playing pro league, finally i have 25k pro crystals, which one these pro pals are better Janus or Ceres? please help i need some infos for the pals before i buy one.

I would go for Ceres. Ceres copies your own troops, so you don’t need to use your own Leadership for them. On the otherhand if there are no troops to copy he is useless. In this regard Janus is better as he can summon a portal and give you troops 100% of the time. But aska would be better I guess as his troops are free and you don’t have to pay with Leadership.

That’s what I think.

Watchout when using Janus even if you can still summon troops from tent, 50% of time are summoned with him in your position. Which means removing damage from chockpoints. It’s important having your troops getting hit/killed from enemies troops in chockpoint to avoid big cluster after.

Thanks for al the infos


Petrifying power of Janus is much more useful than the ‘100% fear’ chance of Ceres that barely fears any units at all.