Which one is the Capital?

I have park Achilles on the 200k island but be attacked and lost -13 like 2 hours later. So I guess the Capital of this islands is the Gold Island but I am not sure. Someone here know which one is the capital?

Normally there are easy to see the small one and big one but on this section. I have no clue they have all the same size. If I use the zoom the Wisdom Island seem to be more developed with more structure so maybe this one. to allow me to avoid to park a hero on it and avoid to be attacked

Can someone can answer me on this? Thanks


No? no one know the small one and the big one in this section? @CaptainMorgan can you tell me which one is the small one and the one who is big?

Sorry my bad maybe I was not clear enough and no one understand what I means like @HOLYDIVINE be confuse about my post. Let’s me show you what I means by Capital

By example on this screenshot on the left Islands on Hydra. You can see if you park one Hero on the Wisdoms Island then its the Capital the big one. You will be more attacked if you are on it. to avoid to lose trophy you park Hero on a small island

Screenshot (174).jpg

If I take by example the Medusa Island. The Capital is in the middle the Wisdoms Islands. So you avoid to be on it


so my question is I guess all Capital are the Wisdoms Islands?

So in the section you unlock at 30k Dominance the Capital is the Wisdoms one to avoid right?



Okay , I am not sure about this concept of captial but @CaptainMorgan can you confirm this.

I always thought game picks up your most weakest hero meaning who is low on level and sends them back to mount olympus.

But for the past five months since my all heroes are maxed I don’t understand how game determins which one is a weak hero.

I just place all my Heroes to max resource islands to generate more resources fir High skull Odysseys and forging.

Its not 100% the lowest hero that returns, but not far away. I have all lvl 20s apart from one lvl19.  Sometimes a lvl 20 hero gets returned.  I wouldn’t avoid a particular island. I would go for the highest resources…

When I have started in 2016 I have read its like this that work. Small islands offer less resources but will make only 1 Hero turn back to Mount Olympus.Your lower hero and you receive less attack so just got -22 in worst case. If you put Hero on the big one who offer more resources (i call them Capital) then you will suffer more attack and more heroes will send back to Mount Olympus and you will lose maybe twice or triple trophy lost like -80. So you need better defense. Not sure but this was the answer I got and read in the past. No clue if something have change since 2 years. So that why with all change. I prefer ask again to be sure

@CaptainMorgan Maybe you can explain the difference between small islands and big islands. to be more clear.

There’s no difference.

you have wrong I think its in the post of Alysea in Strategie guide I have read this. I will go check to be sure

you do that.

I remember someone have ask this question and she have answer the number of attack depend if you are on the small island or big islands. on small you suffer less and on big you suffer more attack

@CaptainMorgan I wait a confirmation from you. Its really the case? or Alysea was wrong and there is no difference between them?

For now I confirm seem to work like she describe it. On small islands I got just -12 or -20 in a day. On big island I suffer -40 or worst. Make sense

I guess I will have to answer this question myself. Captain don’t show off to explain

On small islands I suffer -63 in 12 hours. So probably over 10-15 attacks

I will test with big island. So for the next 12 hours. I will put my Heroes on big islands and see the result. I will come back to post the result




There are “larger” islands in each island area, which are generally the islands with the best ratio of resources to collect. There is no other difference between them and smaller islands.

The Hero which is chosen to return to Mount Olympus is random, but is weighted towards lower level Heroes; higher level Heroes still have a small chance to return. In addition, the more Heroes are placed on islands, the sooner one will be returned.

Yeah its exactly what I see.There is no difference and you gain more ressources and more dominance. What I have read 2 years ago was false then. So 2 years I play this game totally wrong by avoid large islands. Thanks for the info

I would say I told you so but… :grinning: