which one u would pick?

item 1

4,865 health with 753 poison shield or 4769 health 1151 ice shield


and on item 2

1192 health with 1120.4 fire shield or 1243 health 1185.4 poison shield.



so close to each other not sure which one to pick

Ice shield is pretty useless so far. So Item 1 goes for Poison. Item 2 Depending on the bases you fight and what other items you have, but if these are your only shield items i would go for fire.

I say


Item 1:  4,865 health with 753 poison shield 


Item 2:  1243 health 1185.4 poison shield



Total =  Health 6,108 + 1,938.4 Poison Shield  ( Pretty good )



Poison is or will be your greatest enemy in the game.

It depends who you are attacking… I have a person in my favorites list with max skull towers, max firebolt towers, max archer towers, and max bomb towers (I have no idea why those are in his defense)… for him, I usually ignore the shields and go for the most health, because those towers do a lot of damage where he put them (except the bomb towers?)

Anyone know if the ice shield prevents the slowing down at all?

Yes your right it does depend on who you’re attacking but i just said that because as you get higher up you can see most bases have tons of mummies that poison damage is deadly especially when you also have arrows being shot at you, so it’s nice to have equipment to lessen the pain so to speak :slight_smile:

I think ice shield just shields you from the damage but not the effect so id go for poison as item 1, you’ll need a diversity of protection so I’d say fire do to the fact that these two are very effective on 2000 and up bases

Just an fyi, I just did both poison and worked much better then previous combo of ice and poison. I am still struggling with the slowdown tho. Those maxed out frosters are annoying as hell.


As i expected the poison - poison is good, As for the ice affect slowing you down the only thing i can think of is to utilize the Hero scream ability as often as possible 

I like the scream but i use it at the end or in a pinch.

To remove slow effect just use scream everytime available , I used to prefer all posion shield but now I would say fire shield is more important since you can avoid most of the snake tower’s cloud depending on their placement or leave them behind or dive into the cloud with heal+sonic blast on.Ice shield doesn’t remove/prevent slow effect of froster.Its also good to have shield on your helmet instead of leadership (once you have enough leadership of course)


Edit : also when using poison shield , mummies will drain it fast so by the time you face snake towers the shield are used up.Suck isn’t it ? haha

What usually happens to me is that I run by the mummies as fast as possible, then run around with some poison shield for the next 15 seconds.


Btw, have any of you been killed by frosters? And you attack the same person again because it was just a froster, so you could beat the base if you were more careful; and you die again from the frosters? And then finally, on your 3rd attempt, you put on frost shield and beat the base? This has happened to me about 7 times now  :angry: