Which pro beast is best for offense for low to mid level players

Which pro beast is best for offense for a low to mid level player, Phoebe, Eris, Ceres or Janus?  Please give a reason with your response.  Thanks



But it’s right, it’s Phoebe

Well if you use pal flute…

Phoebe in offense is as worst as Growl. Use Asks or Fritz for offense!

Low to mid level player?

Usually on those levels, the best is a damage pal.

I used for months Kaiser on that range (<100).

Fritz is an awesome choice too.

Personally feel that Pro beast is not that good to use, ceres not bad , phoebe got high healing power but it only healing effect stay at the area only, so dont like to use it too. For me,  I love Irmgard, it is always my choice i offence, high damage power and large range, also has a little bit healing power. I dont use fritz because it is always behind me, look like i protect it, no it protect me, kaiser range too small… So most like Irmgard

What do you mean by low to mid lvl players? Are you refering to sub lvl 80-100 kings?

If we’re talking about kings below lvl100, you probably only have 3-4 max spells (not that highly forged) and weak unboosted troops. You will benefit from a pal that is powerful on it’s own.

Kaiser serves this purpose, it is a beast at low-mid levels. It’s sonicblast is just too powerful and will annihilate unmaxed and unforged towers/obstacles. Irmgard is a close second. However, Kaiser’s power won’t translate as well to high lvl gameplay, while Irmgard’s will.

Unless you have access to high lvl boosts (like elite+pro archer boost) you don’t want to take pals like Aska, Janus or Ceres if you’re low-mid. They’ll just give you more (weak) troops to work with. They’re not optimal for low level kings, but they’re good pals for high lvl gameplay.

I can’t tell you much about Eris.


So, with that in mind, if you want to buy a pro pal and start practicing with it, go with Ceres. It’s the best pro pal for offense when you get to lvl100+ and 1000k donation (for insta monks).

Init4luck asked for pro beast, not pro pal. I think it’s Phoebe but I don’t use pal flute so I’m not sure.