Which waves should i upgrade now?

I am level 73 king. My first 3 waves are at level 9 with 24 morale points. The remaining waves are at level 8 with 22 morale points. Considering the upgrade times and and increase in morale points  which waves should i upgrade now for better defence?.

is it upgrading first 3 waves still worth it? any suggestions?

My IGN: somu240

Keeping your waves consistent in level is best method. This allows for consistent damage. I would start at four, go through to the end, and start back at wave one again for the next upgrade.

Keep upgrading your first 4 waves because they can lose at opponent king lot of time if you set a right troop placement. They are the first thing the enemies meet and if there are also chokepoints that help you the troops to kill the enemy king better so =)

I say get all your waves up to 30 morale , then you can focus first 5 waves maybe only first 4 waves cuz you will fill them with monster that cost high morale


I would agree but his setup is spread out. He needs consistent damage. If his setup was like mine then the first four waves would be great because mine is designed to kill the hero during the first half of the battle. Yours has the focus in the middle of the map. I would focus on your 4-8 waves.

I would strive for multiples of 4 (I.e. 24, 28, etc). Typically Ogres, Wereolves, and Arblasters are most-useful for defense, and they’re all multiples of 4. Ergo, having a wave of 24 means you can have two Ogres. Having a wave of 28 means that you can have Ogre + Werewolf.

That being said, though, I would give greater priority to the first 3 waves. Keep in mind, after Wave 8 has past, Waves 1-4 will spawn again, meaning that you’ll get twice as much bang for your buck ^_~