Whirlwind bug

Since Ajax got nerfed I haven`t used him much, except doing the Odyssey. So I thought of maxing him out one more time and started by upgrading Whirlwind. Once It finished upgrading, I got that bug “New powers available” and it never goes away (it appears in every hero now) but what is even worse, it seems that spell after the upgrade lost its values/numbers. 

And ,CaptainMorgan , I do believe that the issue of not finding any unique even after opening 50 titan chests relates to some sort of bugs in my account coz it has no logic at all if you increased the odds. I also have faced bugs like the one I mentioned to you another time that some units get stuck in a corner and they don`t follow the hero. Please take a look into this issue since frustration seems to get increased each day.

P.s completed a challenge in the Odyssey some weeks ago, chosen Medusa`s health but after finishing the challenge, that 0.8% was not added to her. Just letting you know what I’ve noticed so far.

Thank u

@Neptune, A slight question, does it mean that after 50 titan chests, a player automatically receives a unique item?

This problem is an ongoing bug @neptyne and have reported by many players in this thread. 

Although I didn’t know that by upgrading whirlwind same bug occurs?. Also check Ajax steup there you will still see his spells are displaying rights stats for whirlwind but in Shire of power is will be showing blank.So worry not bro his spell are working fine.

This bug is also there in the game A unit is stand still in the corner while I have use my heroes to move back to that unit in order to make it move again.I noticed it many times during Odyssey’s quests and also during regular raids.

Nope bro ,Finding a unique item is all about luck .I found my first unique item after opening about some 60 Titan chest.While my second one after 8 Titan chest.

Thanks for the info Divine, I have real bad luck on those unique items, lol.

I have posted some probability calculations about uniques in another thread, pm me if you want to know more. Basically, with 60 chests open your unique chance is still below 30%, meaning you are “guaranteed” a unique from 1/3 chests at that point. In real life, unless you are 1/1 or close to that value, there are no guarantees. Most people get uniques around 30 chests opened in succession (the hero ones you buy), meaning 60 normal titan chests or around 45 if it is a mixture of both.

It can happen with any of Ajax powers :slightly_frowning_face:

Guys I do have a feeling due to these bugs smth is not working properly in my account, that`s why I brought them up.

Ive seen most of your comments around forum regarding such things but wanted to make a separated topic since theyre individual issues, I hope FG could take a look into this.

Sharknado, that doesnt mean it should be a guaranteed unique but waiting this long while seeing others getting them so often even as duplicate, its frustrating.

I’ve not been active much lately so don’t know if it’s been reported already but sometimes Artemis’s Hail Storm doesn’t work, it will be used(you can see her using the power) but won’t affect anything at all.


HEY @Asd0011 

are you talking about nxys towers in the corner ?Which can only attacked by ranged units.Only in such cases I have seen her hail storm do not damage at all.

Maybe if I reach ascension level 120, I will also be getting them as easily as others. Lol. Fingers crossed!

No, @HOLYDIVINE I was talking about the towers that are “easily” reachable with hero or powers but it doesn’t happen everyday.