Hello RR2 community! Here Juan, leader of Todesritter. 
We start a movement with DU yesterday and many allies joined us, and we are happy to see that we as community can be united, that we can be together to protest and to ask flare for changes, changes we all need. 
As we all know game is so unbalanced now, raid with normal gears is hard, raid with sp gears it’s imposible, scroll and scroll it’s not the way, it’s not fair for us! 
There’s many ways to protest, we can boycott the game, we can threat flare or we can do it in a nice and peace way, and that’s how we want to do it, we won’t blackmail flare as some has said, we want to talk flare in good words and we want to ask the balance all the game needs! WE ARE CALLING FLARE TO TALK WITH US, DONT IGNORE MORE OUR PROTEST AND DONT DELETE OUR POSTS PLEASE !!
If some allies and persons think this is not good, think it’s *****, think we won’t make nothing it’s ok, it’s their point of view and we will respect it. 
Todesritter will support all RR2 community and we will protest to flare, we will keep our word and we invite all allies that want to support us to set a white flag and to don’t declare in war. WHITE FLAG AS SYMBOL OF UNION, WHITE FLAG AS SYMBOL OF PEACE, this white flag it’s not about allies and sides of the game, this white flag it’s about all RR2 community, this white flag means and shows that we all can be together to protect and help each other, this prove we can protest together to try to bring the best for all community, for all players and for all allies! 
Thx for the attention RR2 community! 
Just some screens, maybe there’s more white flags now ! SEE ALL THIS WHITE FLAGS FLARE, PEOPLE IS NOT HAPPY WITH NEW UPDATE AND COMMUNITY WANTS CHANGES !! We want a balance for the game we invite you to talk with us ! 


Juan el Todes. 



Low or high ranked alliances, we are not happy flare. We support the white flag protest, we want some changes! 

Goodness gracious guys, just play the game. Sure, some of the balances were unfair, but this is just *****. If you want to get flare back, just don’t buy gems

+1 Great Idea. I like the White flag protest movement. Thanks to everyone who change their emblem for the white emblem.

I’m with my old friends all the way. Veterans united

i agree wit this, we need changes flare must test again, if they really did test the things  before the update, specially with war boost, because this stargaser tower was a really pain in the … and in the next future war we can have putrid mortars or other hard boosts, and it will be again a pain in the … the game must be fair.

I will not force boycottes to members but
Too many players do not want to participate in the alliance warfare today.

I want the defense balance to be normal
I made a white emblem as a manifestation of intention.

Fun play again! :grinning:


Personally, I do not understand this movement. Being one of the most experienced players in the game (in terms of XP), I was looking forward to a change. We had months and months of silence and platonic play where lassitude became immense.
And now, Flaregames starts to move and we protest?
But what are we protesting?
Large teams that have too many subscriptions?
Great teams that crush the game?
Big teams that influence everyone?
I do not understand. On the contrary, we should push Flaregames to continue its novelties started since 4.0, and stop being conservative on a game that was out of gear.
Suggest ideas other than making your life easier than before. We have some chengement, more or less bad but we have, and that’s it!

You know whats wrong about this game, FG added a lot of things. starting from pals and beasts. I think it was pals and beasts which started unbalancing the game. Then pro league was fun and good and also makes money for FG but after some time or maybe with pro league, pro pals were introduced which again unbalanced the game. Now there is no point in having a normal pal or beast for a strong alliance


They never said that they will quit playing the game, however, they have every right to put forth their concerns…

You need to grow up. Nobody said they won’t play the game. They want it to be balanced so they can have fun playing it, instead of getting frustrated. 

And fyi this white emblem protest also includes not buying gems or any offers. 

I’m all for united protest… but not sure what we’re protesting against ?

Ceres nerf? Blunt damage nerf? Nerf of ogre/wolf? The nerf of Phoebe lvl1 and 2? The price of the conquest buildings? The timedemands of conquest? The low rewards of conquest? The general feeling that it’s all aimed at getting us to spend more (gems, teamgold, real money)? Some things are good for some players, some things are bad for some players…

To be honest, I think it’s just impossible to get a rebalancing that is good for all. How can they balance players from teams that have all war/conquest/pro-boosts 24/7 against players from teams that can’t even afford to prolong a single war/conquest/pro-boost cause they want/need to save for level-up or conquest-buildings? I mean, a defense without conquest/pro-boosts will always be weak against an attack with war/pro-boost, and vice versa (in general - of course there are exceptional raiders like flothaboss, lacuna and maybe a few 100 more that can beat full boosted defenses without war/pro-boosts).

Hi guys, Good Morning!

I am taking your protest serious and will forward it to the devs. Peacefulness and constructive feedback is always welcome ? .

Game is balanced now, its the stargazer war boost that makes bases really painful, as the war will end, things will go back to normal.

New spell and unit levels will come for sure in the near future, no need to worry.

no such thing as balanced.  what does that even mean.  game way too greedy.  you spend money and you win.  stop the BS.

always something new coming in future. b always makes little or no difference.  always about the money.  spend spend spend

try new combos for offense and everything js working again?!?

i don’t understand the protest. wait til stargazer boost is over and if after months t is still to difficult we can discuss i guess


right now i don’t feel so, just ajust your raiding and improve new skills, then it will work out!

if you do not understand the protest then its your problem and you can leave the protest on those who understand why they are doing it…

I never said they were quitting. Sure, teams can do this if they want, but they are protesting cause basically attacking is too hard after the balances and all the P2W stuff. Why would you intentionally deprive yourself of one of the only fun things left in the game? That’s all I’m saying

the same way we think. ???