WHO accepted a new Player


What do you think about adding the Name of the General/Leader who accepted a new Member? Would be helpful I think.

It would indeed be a great feature, but I think it can also lead to confrontations. Having said that, I also want to see who did activate a boost. 

… or who forgot to prolong it! ?

Best way to prevent this is to have Generals in charge of certain places. For instance, in Team All Might, my job is to keep track of the boosts…so, it’d be my fault if I forgot to prolong :lol: 

… or who kick player “z” (it’s an example).

again the list is long of all the feature RR2 don’t have. We have all that in OR. when I activate a boost. Everyone see my name. When I do a strike in War. When you promote someone my name is writting. So no clue why after 5 years RR2 still don’t have it. Strange…

This is good because you can activate boost without the other knowing and then blame other team members :wink:  Just kidding.

or promote someone general and he waste all the gold on useless boost. I have see in the past. Some general that spend 30 millions and more and the others was like : ‘‘What the hell just happen? Who activate all of this and waste all the gold?’’ At least if we can know who did this. You will be able to demote him and kick him out of there in 2 seconds

Hi orko,

Thanks for your idea. Put on our backlog :slight_smile: