Who did not play 12 minutes, in the previous Pro league, all here!

Дорогие разработчики, в последней профессиональной лиге вы добавили всех в течение 12 минут, но не предупреждали об этом! Я только что узнал об этом! Публикуется эта информация на Facebook! Я не играл в эти 12 минут, поэтому хочу добавить их мне в эту профессиональную лигу! Это будет справедливо, потому что моя позиция по итогам месяца зависит от этого! И я думаю, что я не единственный, наверняка многие игроки не играли в то время! Сделай что-нибудь! IGN: Pavelp ??

And yet, in the previous pro league, I went 11 stages to 100%. At the twelfth stage there was not enough time (((If I knew about these 12 minutes, I would have won first place !!!?

Guys who did not play 12 minutes in the previous pro league, write your names of the characters in the game) Let’s do something about this situation! Can anyone write their proposals for compensation?

Its just a game. Forget it and move ahead.

other players just got 100% luck and you not)

Exactly. we can whine/complain about anything we don’t like, but fact is we must go on. It’s a game. We already know that flare won’t respond to this topic.

Say they would give everyone the golden crown plus x pro chests and 15k gems. Do you realize that the crown then means nothing any more and that flare is definitely bankrupt? Which means end of game. nice that you have your 15k gems, but without a game, you can’t spend them.

Flare made a terrible mistake and should not have given those 12 extra minutes in the first place, especially not only for the last hour. 

We can complain about anything and me including takes part of it. I for example hate the casino element in this game. It is part of festivals, opening chests, you name it. While some have all the luck in the world or a better term, seem to be blessed, some seem to be cursed and only on very rare occasions have some luck. I for example figured out that first chest failure rate is about two times as high as it should be. But I realize that flare won’t respond to the topics I opened for that. 

So I let it go. 


I understand that this is just a game.) But if you do not pay attention to such things, then they will repeat! And do not let Flare react to our reports, I will continue to play anyway, but they still read them? Or is it not??                          P. S. I still do not mind compensation!?               


Yes its a game and to make that be true a level playing field needs to be maintained.

Otherwise things like this create inequities that make competing pointless. they should have just thrown a free ticket to those who participated. But i missed it so ok there are more but in my mind this undermines any reason to compete.

I have not played the additional 12 minutes. I also have not played the first 35 minutes either but shush, compensation! :grinning:

Yes and that’s why it’s good to inform them that this isn’t the right action they have done. It’s indeed pointless to give 12 extra minutes with just an hour remaining to play. Was the person sober that decided to give those 12 extra minutes, could be an arising question?

Everyone would have known it’s an absurd solution and would lead to a lot of complaints, which are no more than normal. The topic will be read, but like I told, it will be totally ignored by flare staff (surprise me Flare). Otherwise we get a dialog and then they would need to compensate in some way in the end. So ignoring the topic and hope players forget or give up is more easy.

This is the correct action they (flare) should have done. All players who didn’t become first, should have been rewarded with a free pro ticket as compensation. Very good answer. That would not hurt flare at all and it would be a fair compensation. Now the monthly pro league is messed up, so that can’t be repaired. But at least a free pro ticket would have comforted a lot of players and would have removed the ice out of the sky. 

I had also requested to the admin team that they create a utility for them to send a system message delivered just like the alliance message. they have very few of these things occur so an additional message once every couple of weeks would be simple and not be excessive in ally mailbox. At least they would hit 99% of players. and with last minute fixes this is a more appropriate notification.

I agree, they did stupid thing. I know its stupid and i hate their reaction. This side- you all right


another side- we cant change it, tbey are living in their planet. Mostly tbry are like chicken without head, running fast, but not in right direction.  I prefer just have fun in this siruation let them do all they want. I rven stopped buy gems long ago. Its stupid fo it, if so many bugs here and tbey know about but didnt stop it


But i am not entirely sure aversion therapy doesnt work. They do respond at times ?

They have in the past rectified things so in fairness they do listen somewhat.

Afaik, RR2 also has a notifications system, for things like “Granny has new offers!” (pesky msg, but it is sent regularly nonetheless), “Your ship reached a new island!” or “Your farms are full. Go into battle!”.

So why not just make such a notification for PL extra time then, I wonder?

Or one of those ingame popup msgs (with a generic exclamation mark sign and 2 lines of text, nothing too fancy).

Anyway, yeah sometimes they respond (much appreciated). But long-term players also know that sometimes they don’t… even for severe issues. So we can hope for responses, but I’m not surprised about a lack of optimism by many.

i did not get 12 minutes extra to play but i fell off the leader board because of other players that did get the 12 minutes 


normally they announce every server update…just a little popup would be enough

Thanks to everyone who writes his opinion about this situation! Any action is better than inaction! Perhaps we will not get anything for this error, but the Flaregames team will know about our discontent!):point_up:?

Yeah i thought about those but have seen them only occur at login so if you are already connected then as i have had before i needed to disconnect, wait connect. But i needed to know about it first?  The basic messages in mailbox seem to work well connected or not.

In the previous league I completed all level 100% except stage 4 (I left it in purpose to save time for harder level), and I had no time left to complete that easy level
I would definitely get max score if I had just 3 minutes, and yet this happened.

they should have the in-game notification system about the updates, like a message icon in the upper left corner that shows notification from server/developers
every changes in the game should be announced in the game, not just in forums

Same thing happened again today




i played also the pro league. on last Wendsday evening I was place 50. On Thursday afternoon I was arround place 90, bacause other players played this 12 min extra.

In monthly leaderbord I lost over 100 places. I think thats not fair. I dont play 24/7 and so I have less chances to get the better rewards.

I hope that I get a compensation, otherwise the game makes no fun to play anymore.


I also wrote the support, but they did not answer after 4 mails :slightly_frowning_face: