who else didnt see that post on facebook in time?

damn didn’t go on facebook until today :slightly_frowning_face:

was probably last on there on the 23rd…


anyone else miss flaresanta?

**sigh** I can’t take screenshots

lol I noticed there was a gem sale when I signed on Christmas morning so I figured that was it. then sign on facebook today and seen I missed the real present haha


 i only got about 60 gems you don’t have to be sad  .

well in that case ill gladly take yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez man like better than nothing ya kno

I saw it, I just thought that it was so pathetic I didn’t even acknowledge it. Ruin the treasure chamber so they can give it back for 1 day at christmas. That’s all it is with them, give with one hand and take with other.

I saw it.


Only I didn’t take screenshots from my previous wins. And I didn’t get anything after I saw it. I was so excited that I went on a losing streak, losing the chance! :slightly_frowning_face:

i don’t even have Facebook. they really should hold more events on the forum or in the game itself instead of Facebook.

Yeah facebooks trash you’re not missing out, it’s soooo 2010, Whats funny is they use it as their main marketing tool.

I saw it and ignored it.


But I must say that was a nice strategic move:

People here complained that there’s not enough loot to get in the new chamber of fortune.

So Flare let other players post lots of pictures of the nicest loots on their facebook-page…



But why I don’t like new treasure chamber or facebook-exclusive events all the time, I don’t think that we all just need to get a big present from them for christmas - I mean, sure it’s nice to get gifts but after all the real presents are not gems in some (great) game, but real stuff and time with beloved persons.


Ontopic: I saw it but don’t have facebook and couldn’t bother making PR for 50 gems.

I definitely would appreciate some events in the forum!!

and facebook does suck a lot

I literally just go on to check the RR page most times