who ever thought they would miss a butt ugly zombie?

Yep… lol the ninjas are lame…

And for the low level players zombies were great for the dungeons.

Zombied ninjas?

Maybe vampires that do the same as zombies.  … just a change of scenery.

Leaping Mind control slugs … latch on and convert.




lol yes, i prefer the zombies as well. More interesting and fun to see the converted green troops.

Ninjas also are not very efficient, don’t deal enough damage (except to wolves) and too fast to run forward and to die. In defense, they are killed instantly by one Blizz.

Yeah I pretty much ignore them…

I do remember green being your favorite color… you ogre lover

Micky, you had too much Gluhwein last night. :grinning: Maybe you mean black?

Green is the new black…