Who has a beast prometheus?

Guys/ladies i dropped prometheus’s unique speed scale today. I have good items including 2 ring slot has double resistance items also 4 odyseus  resistance boosts. Prometheus is still vulnarable not good as my most others. What is the good setup for him? Items? Troops?Spells?

@Prometheus  said before he has a good prometheus like his name. Help please… 

Hi Hellslord, heres mine. Hes still weak due to his low HP unless I could max all his cooldown perks.

I assume you only interested in 125+ answers, as lower level equipping mechanics seem to somewhat differ (Lvl 105 in this particular case)

Hi @Hellslord your Prometheus looks bad-ass but I mine is more devastating in battle.I also know this that many players don’t like him but for me he is my most strongest hero.I usually provide speed boost to him through odyssey around 10% and i provide him with 90% lightning and poison resistance.Also with some 40 %petrify which allows him to kill any unit in one hit. Also with 32 % skill cool down so that he can use his shield in every 8.25 seconds instead of ten seconds)


(p.s.I know I am at Ascension level 96 and you are playing in the top 500 players.So I really don’t think my opinion matters much here.)

I don’t have beast but he can go 10skull… i do have the unique but i don’t use it…

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Pro tip: don’t use his unique armor. It will just make you die faster. 

Nopes… i need Time and gold to forge his unique that’s the reason i don’t use it …That dress is good with impressive speed and you can swap the rings any time for more resistance…

I really want to watch your Prometheus at 10 skulls odyseus missions. I have to learn to play with him. I stuck even at 7 skulls odyseus. Keep his attack/defence balance so hard… Can you share a video? 

Sorry - I’ve complained many times that my name’s sake is hard to play and that I struggle with him immensely. It’s a catch 22 though – I’ve not put effort into his equipment and setup either, since I find him hard to play.

Didn’t got him right now in adventure but I have his old gameplay during war … That’s the old stats but still hope it helps you…


@NAPC Bro your Prometheus is way powerful than Hades himself.Now I think I should give Promehus lot of resistence items.Like if I have to fight alone against Ascension level 110 or above players ’ statue he die quickly.

Hades is way more powerful he is the best?.. 

Prometheus is good only for solo he can’t break the corner nyx rest everything that comes in his way is destroyed … Max his powers and learn to dodge the attacks as you see in the video i managed to escape the griffin splash and dodged the Apollo spears … 

Some Gatekeeper are way too strong to be killed solo even hercules dies solo infront of them so that issue can’t be resolved.?

some of you have some tricks about him? I am tired to lose with him all my trophy and ambrosia because he cannot win any base and die like 3 time each that cost me over 300+ ambrosia. He is horrible no sense how horrible he is. I hate him so much. If that was not about the resources I think I will left him roten in my Mount Olympus. So slow its a pain to see him be so slow. I think I will be forced to take speed in my masteries list

what the best to give him? to make him survive and at least make him win a base? i know if I unlock his second power slot will up him but no I don’t want to waste my gems on him. At least not now (Not before Griffin island)

So cooldown? attack speed? 80% health regeneration? some suggestion?

He’s one of the weaker heroes. 

I run him with the chicken suit, demo ring and frostbite sword. Essentially, he is Herucles ugly little step-brother. And yes, he is meant to die this way, so I usually have a hefty amount of ambrosia piled up for that.

He’s Weak As F

@Warriornator i have pretty decent Prometheus but you need to be lucky with his items… 

I can use poison resistance dress but i like his chicken dress ? He runs lighting fast ??(just kidding he matches other heroes speed)…

Oh, what others do is a healthy combo of 2 speed masteries and something else instead of the chicken suit btw. To each his own after all. All in all, I wouldnt use him for anyone but the +3 trophy people on your map. Unless you have some spare nerves, that is

?He is great hero to do solo … You must give him a try … Getting 2 speed mastery is not a wise move…  Some player’s use him with tons of cooldown so his fire never blows off … 

Lighting and poison resistance is most important for him rest resistance can be ignored… 

He’s horrible with wrong units and weaker equipments. Just for 2 simple reasons, being slow and having how hp. Once you forge items to titan level, unlock his 2nd spell slot…he will be better, much better. 

P.s in case you get a damage reflection item, forge it to max so it can help him stay alive longer.