Who has the most beautiful base? ?

There are many people wanting decorations to make their Mount Olympus look better so i wonder who has the most beautifull base?

(Personally my base is very ugly,  i feel shame to share) ?

_ I think most of you know my base from Youtube, I don’t consider it beautiful but rather spacious. _

_ And I sure hope they create new decoration, I love spending time beautifying my crib. _


Haven’t given my Acropolis a new lick of paint in a while, so it’s more functional than beautiful. I like to make sure my residents can easily access all the buildings… also I tend to try and impress attackers by putting all my nicest decorations in defense.

CaptainMorgan your base looks very nice. Liked it very much. 

Arte _mus rock’n’roll   :slight_smile:


Artemus your base has lots of space, giving most peace???

hahahaahahh … can you read my Name written with path’s tiles ?

i dont have enoghtiles for full mane 

Wow i will write my name too?

lol I just learn you can move building and all. Interesting lol after like 11 month of playing lol. Better late then never I guess

Here is mine:

Wow that is pretty. 


Also very beautiful… ???


I need money to afford the cost of gems,  so i think to get profit from my base. Even Gods need food and drink right? If you interested catch special offers. Now has %50 discount. ??? 2017-09-12 22.36.56.png

Wait a minute? It is possible to move the buildings ? Excuse me, off re-arranging my base ^^.

Yes you can move buildings and change its direction too.

in fact this is almost more fun than the snowman event …??‍♂️?