Who hides the silhouette? I know!

I have discovered who is here. Take a look.



Alright, maybe a bad joke. But what is ur opinion? I think it’s a dwarf or blacksmith.

Take it for yourself you might win 2500 gems  :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he has a lovely moustache…and some kind of pipe…could it be Mario.

Yeah, for sure there is an expressive beard.

Maybe he is a remnant from Halloween… :wink:

geez guys , that’s just me, checking my finger nails for dirt . OH and my neighbours testing his stun spell.  

If it’s a troop, it will be disappointing.


If it’s something else it will cost tons of gems and also be disappointing.

Looks like a plumber with wings.

Maybe he spreads bombs to explode later.

What a captivating pessimism…

Silhouette looks like a base ball player to me with tough physique.

Well, that guy looks like a commander for the units. Probably a  monster who commands unit

And now we know who is that mysterius guy behind…a Blacksmith of course!


It s buda… The nuns blacksmith…

I really hope it’s not all about flare getting gems and will be accessable to everybody. So hopefully he will have his own building to upgrade with gold.

new kinda worker. will cost around 4k gems each. ha ha ha :v

As the post said on fb: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt/posts/802566053185643seems you can further upgrade your equipment with more bonus or maybe new kind of weapons? maybe range weapons, could be interesting. But if i have to see this blacksmith under the point of “cost and time” and since it’s a new thing, well i hope always that it doesn’t cost so much, but…yeah i’m afraid at the same time that it will surely have some good sustenance.


However this Obelix big guy with gold-frame-hammer will go out from my kingdom if it costs a lot or sell bad things  :ph34r: