Who is Alysea?

And why has Aether been removed? :grinning:

Alysea is Aether, she just changed her nickname ^^

I gathered that but why?

We need to know :grinning:

Opelle how do you became a moderator?

I changed my nickname because I prefer using my “normal” one :slight_smile:

Also, oPelle is a moderator since almost one year now, thanks to his activity on the forums during such a long time.

Love you Alysea :slight_smile: :wub:

don’t you have a wife :wink:

Lol, eroe, you probably visit the forums very rarely. This reminds me of a joke:

A woman came to a doctor and have complained that when she does s*x with her husband, she feels very strange, cause one time it’s very cold and the other it’s very hot.

Hmm, asked the Doctor, how often do you make s*x with your husband?

Twice a year, the woman answered, once in the winter and once in the summer…

Hehe, the moment you stop loving girls, you should retire…

your funny :lol:


How is “Aether” became abnormal to you after such a long time?


The real name is always better than nicknames. Better this way.

whats your nick name ?

My real name will remain a secret for now, only a few know it :grinning:

Probably like me with Weagles_Fan. I use it everywhere, since I can say with confidence that basically nobody else would. So if I come across something that restricts usernames, for example max 8 characters, I have to use something else and it is odd.

i am going to guess your real name.

your real name is Aether Alysea jones

am i right 

i made up the jones part


Aether became Alysea for my mistype.

Once I forgot to put a big “S” before he.

So (S+he) she changed it.

How sentimental!!!;

NNNNOOOOooooooo… Running away screaming