Who is it ? A Magician Skeleton ?

I was playing pro league and sometime game paused so then I got to see a new skeleton of Necromancer who had Magician’s Hat. It was only one every time. Even its body is littlr yellowish than other skeletons.

So is it for fun or really has a different power.





Probably skeleton with hat was from New Orleans… but have you ever seen a skeleton riding a wolf?!? 20180408_135622.jpg

:lol: you people have so much time to observe all of these…

@Shemyaza that skeleton is not riding a wolf but got killed and when skeletons get killed then they jump and fall to ground and at that particular time you too got dead.

 Yes, I realize that, but that picture makes me laugh and it’s posed perfectly to make the skeleton look like he’s riding the wolf ??


It is explained a couple of times that this is one of the Easter eggs flare added to the game.

I know of the New Orleans skelly (voodoo reference that I can’t remember at the moment), noticed him long ago and was amused. What I do not know, is the occasional evil laugh when Kaiser rumbles a whole bunch of skeletons another easter egg or glitch or what.

Easter Egg for the skull in the CoF



Everyone get in a line for free Beating!


This may be the Leader of skeletons

Nothing special.