who is the big king hero here?!

I want to know who is the best player ever here in this game

For me its MasterE and mischeiber1967.

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There are many good players. Some have max out base (max wave or near max), some with good base layout and good troops selected for defence, some have good raiding skill.

Top of the leaderboard doesn’t mean good raiding skill, even strong defence ( just more scroll to win). The leaderboard is all about who has more people dump trophy to you, and who has more people purposely staying low trophy and stripping the trophy from other tops player.

If there is a best player (best base, best raiding skill), he won’t make it to top 10 if he doesn’t have support. There is a group of people will stripping this best player out of top 10, and dump the trophy to the same group of people. If you see anyone trophy floating from 4500-6000, then you know trophy not skill.

The thing all these debates continue to miss: Flare created these conditions. Flare created this game; or games, really. Here are the big ones:

There is a game of individual offense (raiding).

There is a game of individual defense (base design).

There is a game of social order and unit cohesion (creation and maintenance of Alliances)

There is a game of team offense (coordinating raids)

There is a game of team defense (coordinating trophy pushing/dropping)

There is a game of individual and team resource management (gold, gems, pearls, donations)

Speaking of the “best player” usually involves the first two of these. 9 months ago, yes. But, there’s no “pure” answer to that question now, because like it or not, your performance in each of these games impacts every other one.

Here, then, is a plain fact: Royal Revolt 2 is the sum of *all* of these games. The “best player” is the one who plays them all best: or at least knows when to play some harder and better than others. There is a long game of chess here being played out behind the many little games of checkers we call “raiding” and going up and down in rank day-to-day.

How did this happen? How did these “games” proliferate? Simply put: Flare created them all, grafting each one of them on with every update.

Advancing up the leaderboard and maintaining a high rank requires playing all of these mini-games. Some of these games - like trophy stripping/dumping - have been around since the earliest days, and Flare has taken a few measures (inadequate, but still they have acted) to level out the volatility they created. How was this particular game created? Flare created and has periodically adjusted a trophy algorithm(s) that has led to the current leaderboard dynamic. Some players and Alliances use this dynamic defensively - relying chiefly on skill to win and move higher - while others use it offensively, relying chiefly on this method to ladder up the board. Speaking as a player, I am pleased to say my Alliance does this where necessary defensively, mostly in response to the same, small group of players (one of whom has maintained multiple accounts for a long time notorious for the sole purpose of stripping his rivals to prop up a main account) that does it offensively, apparently to make up for a manifest lack of skill.

Personally, I don’t like this whole mini-game. I have been an advocate for many months now of creating award bands that would further minimize this dynamic. Getting back to that simpler game of skill is something I wish for, though at this point I’m wonder if that’s not just wishful thinking…

Despite some lobbying with balanced, feasible measures presented, Flare developers have left this dynamic intact, choosing to rebalance other, simpler aspects (like elite boosts). As we’ve know it is their game and as we’ve seen many times the developers have a silent stubbornness about making certain necessary changes. I can’t blame them: gameplay is an exceedingly complex system or where everything that’s altered requires many other aspects to also be adjusted in order to maintain balance.

In any case: this mini-game continues; and whoever plays it and the others “best” is winning the meta-game or “game-of-games” that Royal Revolt 2 has become.

Sn1kt, I learned many tricks from your video when I was new to this game. Thanks

I like this game when I was below 4500 trophy, there is too much “mini game” (you called) after 4500 trophy.


Thanks: I’m glad you found them helpful!


You bring up another good point, actually.  The high level game and the low to mid-level game are much different.  The intensity of competition among top players and Alliances has spun off some “creative” trends in how the game is played.  Ploughing is the extreme negative example of this, but there are others and not all of them are positive.   

Agree with Sn1kt in every word (you should be a writer!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill take ‘Game 6’ for 2000, Alex

I believe it well… was hsmk… but im a mischreiber fan