Who is the king of Royal Revolt 2 ?

You are here because my of my title estrange no ? This topic is a quiz (don t leave, it can be Nice).

If You arrive to answer these 3 questions, You are a god of RR2 ?!

  1. Where did the “mystical garden music” is come from ?

  2. When was the first ninja event (the very firstly) and what happened ?

  3. At the beginning of the Game, what Is the first utilization of the pearls ?

Only questions You can’t answer with Interner to see if You are a Real King ?

For me the real King its someone who was there since the game was created since 2 years or more and still playing and are level 130. A person who know all the change of the game from the beginning,etc… your question don’t make someone god everyone can answer this question

Question 1 have no idea but 2 I was not there but its really simple to know what happen the first ninja event come with update 2.5.0 around september 4th maybe 2 week before I come back in the game and what happening? I think if I remember what the complain was about the first ninja event was : a cooldown of each island, the island was separate and there was so much bug,etc… Question 3 the pearls was used to cast Scrolls and was change around update 1.8.5 with Gems



I am a free Player since less That one year and i know all the answers

I was there since almost the beginning but cannot recall the dates… A free player as well.

First Ninja event was cancelled. (postponed). A couple of months ago. Flares servers have crushed as the event started.

For pearls you could buy gear from granny.

Mystical gardens i don’t have, so cannot listen to and recognize the music.

and? we suppose to acclaim you god of RR2 for that? time to come back on earth and stop dream. Really I don’t see the point of this topic. you have something to proof or just show you have a big ego or something. yes same a player who start today can know all of this answer.

It is a quest Warrior. No reason to offend.

there is a different between a title who said : ‘‘Who are the real king or RR2?’’ and later he said I am playing less than 1 year and know all this answer. What he want to proof exactly? for me that sound like he want people acclaim him god of RR2. Sorry if its not the case

Contrary if the title was : ‘‘Can you answer this quiz for fun?’’ that can be less arrogant just he have time to lose to know who know this or not but can be funny for some people,etc…

its just a personal opinion for me there is a way to give a title to a topic and a way to said it


Wow…Just wow…

and? what that means? interessting comments…that sound you are offended by what I have said can I know why?

Maybe you don’t mean the things you usually say offensive, but they are.

You might have to reconsider your wording so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to put people down.

No that not my goal just i put a fact with the related topic. I am a quebecers if you don’t know and french language its my native language and its a long story why I think they are arrogant to make short I have go on a french website of video game all my life and play all my life with french people and know them very well. When you see them each day, you can see they have one thing in common this people when you see many. Arrogance and when we see a topic like this one and you make the related stuff

title : Who are the real King of RR2? later he said I know all the answer and he is a French person = Arrogant

I don’t want to make a debate on that i just make a fact related with the topic nothing more its a long long story sorry to involve people in that just ignore what I have said. Maybe just me can understand why I have said that.Nevermind

Maybe just close this topic who go no where

Of course he knows all the anwser. He’s the one who created this “quiz”. And all French are arrogant? Seriously? Then lets say that all french canadian are colonized jerks. Making comment like that make you a racist idiot.

P.S. I’m also a french canadian jerk.


and? i say its don’t try to understand you cannot read carefully lol. Nevermind maybe its just me who can understand don’t try. i said it its a long story why i have said that. You cannot understand sorry i have my reason

Sweeping generalizations are very ignorant. 

Return in the track before i close also this topic for off-topic  :slight_smile:

Love it Opelle. Always harsh but straight to the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, the things got out of control here. It’s a nice thread though, so why don’t we all lower the fire.

Why we don’t call Squirtle to extenguish the fire? ok I’m kidding :slight_smile:

Don’t close please, lots of comedy here.  I hope you’re not truly offended @MrSchmouck, it’s gotta be worth this foot in mouth exhibition. 

Ok ok come back to the point what is it? oh yeah who is the real king of RR2 I see. Finally can we know the answer Florian you seem to know all the answer. Where come from the Mystic Garden Music? and can you be more precise please the kingdom music or the raid music there is a difference between them