Who is the nearest player to "Will you be the one ... to beat the unbeatable?"?

I’m making a survey to determine who is the best player in Pro League. Only Flothaboss (the youtuber) and the winners of monthly Pro League seasons can be considered. For each player I write his/her own IGN and his/her own alliance, but unfortunately I can’t write in Arabic, cyrillic and ideogram characters. If I forget someone, please reply in this topic.

I like gentle players who always take videos.

Should we even consider Flothaboss in this poll?

He’s no longer in business…

I mean… He 's no longer playing.

all of this name. How can you assure at 100% all of those players are 100% legit? I means we all know Pro Leagues is full of cheater and hacker. So how can you guaranteed us all of these players are real players? Plus I don’t know any of these players to be honest. So I don’t see much the point of this topic. None know them


- Q E K H A B

- Piero Montana

-Myster Saigneur

They have never won a monthly PL…

I asked to Madlen about the crown of the 1st place at the end of a pro monthly leaderboard in January questions and answers (question n°21).