Who really is the girl?

I’ve had this question from day 1 of playing Royal Revolt 2.

I’m a old Royal Revolt fan and know all the characters and stories, however this one has really bugged me. There is almost no story to her or real information.

I know it’s highly unlikely that she’s the queen or a sister.

Queen because of the way she talks to us.
Sister because again of the way she talks and how the 1st game doesn’t mention anyone else but the guy.

Is she the head of the royal guard and so on.

Does anybody have any info on her?

Mods, Devs?

It just seems so weird how she seems so insignificant as you basically don’t know anything about her but then she’s right next to the guy in the main photos.

Any info and help on this is needed.

I cannot stand to not know the whole story behind this, it’s too interesting!


She doesn’t have a known name, but her official position is Royal Advisor

Kings daughter, even though she seems older than king.?

Whatever her backstory is, she’s badass :slight_smile:


there is no answer to this Question … the advisor girl ")

i ask it some time ago

No name for this girl

So we should petition for a name for her :slight_smile:

That would be an awesome idea!!! It’ll be interesting.

Though Flare is probably not going to do it, they’ve probably got bigger stuff to do.

petition started ☺️