Who wants 4.0 and who wants 3.9 bback?

A very simple poll. No in between as everyone has their own version of what is balanced.

Lacuna, no black and white only.

i like 4.0 but im sure they need to rebalance 4.0

no need to return 3.9



Lol feel free to create your own poll then. Freedom of expression ?

Really?? Do you really think that everyone wotes for 1 or another? Even if everyone votes for reset, do you really think its possible? ? 

What players mean is that 4.0 need some improvements… So not need to compete with the worst version ?‍♂️

I don’t want 3.9 back at all!! When are we gonna learn that the Conquest mode will get better? Flare WILL make changes and the Conquest mode WILL be funner! Personally, having 3.9 back would mean the following: None of the bugs that had stacked up over the past 2 months would be fixed (of course, some of the new bugs might not be in effect), there would be no extra event to be played, and we would be bored to death by doing the same routine over and over and over. I’m very happy that flare implemented 4.0 and I have complete faith in them that they will make the new mode funner for everyone

I think they mean the 3.9 play balance back.

Ideally it would be fix skull gear/war/gate tower raids (there’s lots of ways, Flare have implemented 0), and balance back the raids a bit both:

  • Taking the new boosts into account
  • Making it so alliances without boosts can compete


Having a better way to maintain alliance gold would be nice as well, but would probably be survive-able if they fixed the above.

4.0 has a lot going for it, and initially it seemed a good release, that re-balance/tower change just killed it, I think they severely misjudged their player base and what they play the game for.

Warcraft 3 was a 2002 game, and it recently release ANOTHER balance patch last month. ANY game that is still alive needs improvement and there’s no such thing as the perfect balance once and for all. That’s the point I’m trying to make for creating this poll.


It’s obvious from the poll that people like 4.0, just want more improvements.  Flare themselves have announced they are indeed going to announce more improvements this coming week. So chill guys, there’s no gaming company in the world that releases balance patch every 2 weeks. Flare hasn’t even the time to fix the bugs yet.

Obviously you’ve never heard of Epic Games. They come out with a bug fix at least every 2 weeks

I said Balance Patch, not bug fix. Flare fixed some bugs within the first 2 days too after version 4.0 was released. Some bugs which are so terrible that it requires hotfix are usually fixed within that time too.

Yeah yeah, my bad. Read that wrong. Still though, Epic comes out with balances every month

Let me explain that its not a logical poll… 

3.9 is the worst

4.0 is a bad

So I and many dont vote for bad or worst. A bad is better than the worst of course but this doesnt prove that bad is good… So nothing is obvious. 

Many like balances but dont like new boosts. Thats the point :grinning:


Ironically, you’re the only person I know who says 3.0 is the best. No one else. Hate to say this… but I think you’re the odd one lol

Did I exactly say “3.0 is the best”? I dont even know how was 3.0. I meant that old versions were better. Thats my point


You said you wanted 3.0


Your words, not mine.

I know exactly. I remember. But what I meant was old versions. Not especially 3.0. May it be 3.0, 2,6 or 2.0… They were good. 

Still I didnt say 3.0 is the BEST. I said that I WANT

“earlier it was better.”

it is necessary to improve what we have, and not to dream about the past.

time never to return back. you can release a pirated copy with version 3.9, without updates, as an option)

and I want the official game to move forward and improve according to its experience. for this we have everything

That’s… an odd request considering the fact that you don’t even remember what 3.0 was like… I played this game for a very long time and I too don’t remember what 3.0 was like… Doesn’t change the fact that you’re the odd one out…

Ok lacunac. I dont care. I used expression 3.0 instead of an old version. Thats all

The problem is: FG did some ‘rebalancing’ at v.4.0, based on their max forged scale (probably FTB referenced this?), which is now owned only by a few players.
They push defense hardness to max possible level, lower offense strength to min possible value, without considering most players average strength. It feels like an ‘Unbalancing’ update for most players.
Remember not all players have all max forged. That’s why plenty players are protesting and some already leaving this game after big nerf update.
Soon only a few will stay, scratching at each other,  as the world of RR2 becomes much-much smaller. Later playing RR2 will be like ‘masturbating’ ? , battles against the same-o-same few players everyday, it will be dead boring ?
It’s like ‘genocide’, doomed days, armageddon boom-boom-boom, ± 90% players population will be annihilated by v.4.0 update. This game will die soon. ?