Who wants gems?

Who wants free gems? To tell the truth, I am bored. I have 6 workers and a max alliance tower, besides a second account. I would quit but I like the community. Leave your ign and you will receive 2-10 gems within a few weeks, from either my bigger or smaller account.



NOTE: Offer ends 5/28/2015


OFFER HAS ENDED no more requests will be accepted

hey misterE! being a windows user you know I will put those gems to good use :grinning:


PS: really looking forward to you raiding me, ive always wondered what your IGN was :stuck_out_tongue:

I need it more I’m a determined player and I can’t use money, Kenny uses money!!!

But if you want/can I’ll take your strong account

Nope sorry =P

King B.M. 


thanks  :wink:



Don’t forget that you can spend with food/items and to help your alliance…

I wouldn’t complain to free gems MisterE, my IGN is: Master Diaz , if you have more to spare it’d be nice for my Alliance: United We Stand to receive some gems.  Thank for the generous offer, I could make use of these to try and finish leveling up my Alliance tower or to get through the Dungeons for the gems and gold weapons as they are getting difficult even with Our elite boosts.

Can I have all your old wore out maxed out Towers ? lol 

feel free to visit my lovely base  :grinning:

Sorry, but they still appear to be in top condition, still doin’ the same amount of damage n everything. No cracks, no lose nails in the sides (somewhat amazed that sonic blast hasn’t shaken any loose!), and so I think I’ll keep them for now. :slight_smile:

pree sure you hit me alrdy but so many ppl been gemming my doom gate lately im not even sure :stuck_out_tongue:


if only I knew your IGN hahahahahahaha

Na I’m good I’m going to try to earn mine like you guys did. Still paying my dues down here at mid level… I should be top 10 around 2087 :slight_smile:

Name of my Kingdom: GodsHellishKingdom

if you stop by, thank you for your kind donation :wink:

what?! T_T

In case anyone is wondering, I have sent NO gems as of now. Been busy with alliances wars.

Me too Mr.E please?

Sure thing, Pyro. Will be delivered shortly, ya’ll.

Awesome thanks.