Who wants to be my first opponent after (or my last opponent before) reaching level 130?

I reached level 125 few hours ago (i.e. in just over 2 years and 1 month) and I’d like to launch a challenge to the other players of the forum for those who want to become my first opponent after (or my last opponent before) reaching level 130.

This topic is the sequel of “Who wants to be my last opponent before reaching level 100?”.

I don’t know if it’s possible to buy “warrior package” at level 125.

For those who volunteer, it’s important to write their respective IGN (if the latter is written in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, ect., it’s useful to write also their respective alliance).

My alliance will choose my first/last opponent. If at the top of the ranking there will be 2 or more volunteers with the same number of votes, my leader will choose the winner.

I’m actually in tier 9, my units, spells, towers, obstacles, sylos, taverns, farms, waves, buildings, conquest buildings, gate, alliance tower, throne room are maximized and my blacksmith slots all unlocked.

The winner will see its ign in a photo of my profile or in this topic.

It is not possible to buy the warrior package at level 125 and even if you could, that would mean you get to 130 without an attack. I honestly couldn’t care less whether you attack me or someone else, but let me tell you, it’ll take you a while from 125 to 130, so maybe this topic is a little premature

one question : Its really so much important to know who gonna be the player that will give you the level 130? I don’t care much who have give me my level 100 I will care more less too to know who gonna give me my level 130. I will not do a picture and keep it in my house and show to everyone who come in my house. Look I have reach level 130 its really awesome and its ‘‘X’’ who give it to me. 

You can show the winner on your picture. Really that gonna change something on this forum? Same if its Opelle or Flothaboss or anybody else. I don’t see the interest here.Sorry