Who wants to be my last opponent before reaching level 100?

I reached level 99 few minutes ago (i.e. in just over 10 months) and I’d like to launch a challenge to the other players  of the forum for those who want to become my last opponent before reaching level 100.

For those who volunteer, it’s important to write their respective IGN (if the latter is written in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, ect., it’s useful to write also their respective alliance).

My alliance will choose my last opponent.

I’m actually in tier 7 and my throne room is at level 9.

The winner will see its ign in a photo of my profile.

:wink: :wink:


Do you forget to ask a fee for that&))

William Eric 1

TR level 9? Dang, you sure powerleveling there, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pass on the challenge though. :slight_smile:

Are you willing to scroll/revive for your victory?

Odd I can partake in the Pro league yet I have not even scratched level 60.

Sure my Viking is hardly a ball buster and the ‘Palm flute’-spell needs a lot of upgrading yet but I do have it. If anything the next build I get this week will most likely be the basilisks tower.

Bottom line: level is hardly a measure of accomplishment in my eyes. But good luck on your next level.

You are welcome to meet my Necros :sunglasses:

IGN: o r k o

Currently, “William Eric 1” and “o r k o” are officially volunteers in all respects.

For the Others:


I rarely use scrolls and revives, but if the last opponent will be really strong, I’ll think about them.


The last opponent will lose gold.


I have always maximized my offense (units and spells) before upgrading my throne room.

Actually, all my units are maximized, while for the spells, only “toxic cloud”, “stun” and “sword rain” are maximized.

I would post my IGN if I were active at the moment lol  :wink:


Good luck on the attacking of William Eric (or o r k o), and well, congrats on reaching 100 too!

It takes days before doing that fight.


You still have time.

True, but I don’t think I’ll be getting it back before the end of this week and maybe even next week too. How long do you think it will take for you to get to that last attack?

Not if he spends/shields it all. :wink:

Hurry up, wartimes are coming and then I have all boosts on.  :sunglasses:

I’m still in the running too Orko.?

You can’t protect gold from your taverns. (read here).

Tavern are not protected by the Treasure chamber value, but a shield will indeed protect the tavern gold.

All the members of this forum who want to become volunteers will have the same possibilities because in my alliance (each of the latter choices a volunteer among them) it’s possible to change idea.

Does anyone else want to be my last opponent before reaching level 100?

In my opinion, you will be late.

If at the top of the ranking there will be 2 or more volunteers with the same number of votes, my leader will choose the winner.