why always start morale?

Hey, I have been forging my past four helmets (90+) into uber items and I am always getting start morale as the perk and nothing as :confused: is start morale is the only perk for 90+ head gears?

Start morale is awesome! Why don’t you want that? And no it isnt the only perk you can get from your helmet…

My current head gear is equipped with farmer and scream (they help me with food and spawning troops). I don’t hate start morale :slight_smile:

The random perk system needs to be refined, it’s frustrating beyond belief, and there’s far too many useless perks.

Yup, after numerous fail attempt its annoying to get the same perk again

Tell me about it, 7 belts,all forged 7times!!All the precious gems and pearls wasted to remove useless perks.And still, I havent got a single skull perk on my belt!!

Hey, are skull perks obtained only on belt gear?

Cape, ring and belt

I never got one :slightly_frowning_face:

Flare wants u to buy it with gems at granny shop :slight_smile:

Hmmm buy smaller pack!

start morale is not a bad perk. i like it. but farmer is better

i have lvl 107 head gear with scream boost and start morale, but im prefer using my obselete lvl 99 mask with gold boost and farmer.

food is a big issue for windows player -_-

I have start morale on helmet and cape. Helps spawn alot asap especially monsters. I normally always get xp boost and I hate it with a passion. Lost count of the amount of times I got that pile of crap. Its still on my gold boost belt. Not paying to remove it yet again

Hey, does the start morale works only in the start of the battle?

Yes sir

In that case scream works must better for me :slight_smile:

I never got start morale perk but forged a lot already!

Would love to get one.

But I got several skull perks, not to mention, that these are very small ones.

Start moral is amazing!!!