Why are elite blasters, mummies and doom gate added to dungeons?

I made a lot of progress to the dungeons now. Beated max wolf, with 20 seconds left, but noticed that the new boosts are added to dungeons. Why??? It’s just unfair to do so.


This morning I tried to beat veign of gold XXII, but nope. Even time warp scroll plus armageddon are not enough. Reason??? Elite blaster is added there, healing towers and troops. I casted armageddon while a blaster was close and it neutralized my armaggeddon spell by protecting towers and troops around.


Elite blaster should not be added at all to dungeon levels, due to the bug with instant spells, levels become almost impossible to win. Off course I can take out armageddon scroll and replace it with heal scroll and hope that sword rain doesn’t fail because of unfixed bug, but as long as elite blaster keeps healing towers it’s almost impossible to beat that level in time.


Has anyone a tip how to beat that level protected by frenzy blaster?


I would like to get max mummy soon of course for war season, but this level just makes it impossible for me. 

Honestly, I was lucky to unlock max mummy lvl shortly before wars came out with one (unnecessary) time warp at start of raid, and 30s left (that’s why time warp was unnecessary), didn’t look into it yet since 1.8. 


Looking at the preview now, I think not much has been changed on max mummy level, except elite mummies… I don’t see any arblasters on the preview, so I assume there can’t be many. I guess blizzard and sonic blast, along with boosted archers (or now maybe arbs?) and cannons might do the job. 3rd spell maybe swordrain or heal/shield… a few scrolls might just be necessary/acceptable if you aren’t that high lvl.

But, seeing you have boosted arblasters, mummies, paladins, there might be more promising troop combos than mine… I only attacked that dungeon once (after a looong wait/preparation period), so can’t tell what does(n’t) work there in detail…

Hi Heroesflorian,


Problem is the dungeon level before mummy with reward of 4M, so I even can’t dig to unlock mummy. There are a few elite blasters in the veign of gold XXII level and some of them are in the beginning. So… activating armageddon is just waste of pearls, since it is neutralized by heal of blaster. And since sword rain is buggy, that’s no option.


Gonna try it tomorrow again with heal scroll and time warp. I really want to unlock mummy and can use the 4M gold from that level to upgrade my bladestorm. I will activate heal scroll between those towers so I can let my bunch of troops grow and heal. With a ton of blasters and mummies, it might be possible.

I believe because they are protecting the last ten dungeons that are said to house massive gem amounts (it might be a rumor, so please do not quote me). This also motivates people to participate in WAR SEASON and not just loose skulls so their alliance can go into the dungeons with equal opportunity.


We won 1st place in WAR SEASON. Now I am going in there and kicking um and taking names :slight_smile:




They simply just did not want people after getting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level winners in WAR SEASON go in and clearing out the dungeons and made it fair.

Yummy :slight_smile:


Certainly yummy, but the one I can’t pass has 4M loot, but that’s not my main reason wanting to pass that dungeon level.


I want to release max mummy. Well, I have to wait I guess untill I upgraded a littlebit more. Was able to reach the gate, but was out of scrolls at that moment. Came short about 10 seconds. Could do it if I replace heal by another attacking spell, but I only upgraded my main spells, so that would mean I need to be patient.


I could use another tactic Iand let my king die a few times on purpose so that I can use timewarp and armagedon scroll more often. But being patient is better I guess.

Posted in the wrong place…

Wait to level up your hero and in the meaintime upgrade your troops/spells it’s the best way i think, if you don’t want wait (because wait is very long especially to get enough strong to beat last dungeon!) you should use Armageddon that can help you in each situation, even more as you wrote with time warp before launching the armageddon. I made some video about the last red zone on dungeon you can check it out on my youtube channel but of course those videos are not of this last update with Surprise Mummy and Frenzy Frost Arblaster but only with Elite normal boost. I don’t know but maybe they can help you a bit, even if they are old, to defeat the dungeons. =)

Yesterday I already enjoyed your video Opelle, was fun to see and impressing with that heal scroll. You beated it in last second if I remember well.


Since I bought some gems last week, I am going to wait and upgrade my spells some more with gold shields, I have time and being patient saves those gems. I have no intention in going to top 1000, first I want to max spells, albeit this is going to take a while since recently more levels are added to Sonic blast and bladestorm.Sonic blast is already at old max level and blade storm I just started the upgrade to previous max.


I will also upgrade my canon to max to take out those skull  and bomb towers since they wreck my blasters at the beginning of my base. Never needed canon to beat bases, but if they can take out some towers for me, I save a sonic blast and valuable time for other towers. Maybe I need to start upgrading shield (very low at the moment) almost to max to protect my troops better, heal isn’t that effective at that dungeon level.


So being patient is the best strategy, work on spells and canon first, then try again.


Thanks for the advice.

Yeah in diamond vault XV was very drastic the situation, i really needed those gems ^^ also there wasn’t the problem of gems wasted during the raid, because then i could earn 1000 gems ^^

In that moment for me heal was a must because other spells i had, were very low level and cannot compete with my heal; also having heal lvl 11 vs shield at lvl 1 (times ago) was really better use it XD Now is better using shield to protect more your troops, king, resist more etc


Also my best combo since start is Arblaster Froster and Cannon but in the video of Crypt of the living dead IV, i used pyromancer (for mummy weakness: fire)

First of all if you see that you aren’t able to do dungeon don’t do like me wasting gems pearls and so on to complete it XD give time to time to become more strong.

At that period i wait me too for certain type of dungeons because some were unbeatable at that current level around 77-78-79 (as i remember) and also because i really didn’t want to spend so much gems and pearls for a single dungeon. You could ask “but you used gems everywhere”, yes but i was conscious also because most of my previous scrolls were always “Blessing” and “Time Warp”. These two scrolls were the most cheap to use for me because only 9 gems of each is very cheap ! so not much problem.

Now the dungeon seems to be at first look more harder of course than before because there are elite mummy and elite arblaster and doom gate totally craziness!, so probably will require even more time to level up troops, spells, king etc…

This morning I finally made it. Added canons (only level 5) and launched a bunch of them to do a lot of damage to skull and bomb towers. Runned forward and activated time warp when first monsters arrived and activated armageddon to take out first group of towers. Then speeded forward to activate SB to take out remaining towers at the end. Runned back to kill those remaining monsters and started to use elite blasters like hell.


Remaining towers went down by bladestorm and sonic blast. Did need a few resurrections, because doom gate was probably at high level, but because of that I had armageddon spell available, hit it once and mummies did the rest together with sonic blast. Had some seconds left this time. Okay, it costed some gems  and pearls, but finally that level is passed. Will use the reward to upgrade canons. Now I have to wait for worker to dig to final mummy level. That will be even more tough I guess.



Thank you for this info. Will definitely be saving the information so I can beat it. Do you have a video by chance?

Helpful tip indeed. I usually use storm cannons and power archers when raiding the dungeon. But I’m just on Diamond Vault XV (1000 Gems) right now. The more you go down the dungeon, the higher the food requirement (500+, whew!).

No, I don’t have a video, but I remember that I casted full morale on canons first and a few extra (at least 5 or 6) to handle those bomb towers shooting from the other side. I knew already I was going to use armageddon and the first wave of the troops defending would be totally destroyed and that I didn’t need any supporting troops in the beginning. I always was able to cast a mummy if I needed to.  


It is hard to beat those levels without any scrolls. You just run out of time very fast.


Maybe it is a great idea to make those videos up to date. Current ones are completely outdated without elite boosts and also don’t have doom gate. But I leave those videos to the professionals, then they might have some fun. 

I can and am trying to make a video of every dungeon and how I beat it. I forget sometimes. So, I have started recording every raid I do. I should have something up on my Facebook page soon.