Why are events announced with such short notice?

Build times can take 7 days+ and events are usually announced 3-4 days in advance. I get that flare games wants us to spend gems, but for me to complete the builds I started yesterday its going to cost me roughly 1500 gems on the day of the event. This is equivalent to about $15. If i do a spell and the barracks its upwards of $25! Do people actually spend this kind of money to take advantage of the boosts? Do most people ignore them if they don’t align with your completion time?

Yes! Reliable Pre-Announcements! In-Game for everybody!

So I dont have to give it to my Group every time. And my Group does not have to ask why it is not announced yet. Make our life a bit simpler, please. The Game is demanding enough!

Wow you really spend over 1500 gems each event? you are crazy. I think nobody here do that. If we have free workers ok we profite of the event but if we don’t have its just too bad we wait the next one and so on. Never spend this kind of gems to finish a upgrade or level up your character.

One advice event are announced I think its 2 days after the War Season and start 4 days after its up to you now to set your workers free at this moment

You can look and read all the events topic to give you a idea

Flaregames announce the events with too short notice, because THEY CAN…

But yet, they are under no obligation to create such events. It’s free stuff, why complain.


By the way, they are probably getting better gems sales when they announce the event on a short delay and they also create rarity by having events that last only 24h. Marketing 101.

You don’t want to use gems to reduce cooldown? Smart choice ! Just don’t use gems for that. 

Before I maxed out the “important” things in my castle, I used more gems when the events were 3 days long to speed up the upgrades. Would easily spend 5K gems during a defence/offense event to ensure I can upgrade as many things I can for a short period of time.

Nowadays, even though I’ve upgraded everything I want to upgrade to where it’s now, with these 1 day events, I won’t use gems to speed up the upgrade.

The only exception to the above are Blacksmith and Alliance Party events. IF I have the gems at the time, it’s usually up to 10K gems spent.

For me, these short events do not encourage me to spend/buy gems.

Never use gems for speeding up anything (unless pressed by mistake). Have much more important things to do with them. Do remember that every event will be back again sooner or later. Also, there will always be new levels added to everything, so patience is the name of the game.

Using gems to speed everything will make this game too boring very soon. Have fun, enjoy and relax. :slight_smile:

Being a smart player you should’ve notice the event trend since the ninja update, ie event always up in between ninja raids and war seasons (they mentioned it officially too if you wanna search through the announcement)…

Well, nothing to do for me in this event, I started a long spell upgrade on Saturday Night, and started a troop upgrade since I had a lot of gold. Just chill out and raid for some medal hunting. :sunglasses:

I have started a spell upgrade yesterday and my troops are all at max. That how much I care about these event now.

It’s very simple. When you have time, you prepare. When you don’t, some will buy gems to buy extra workers or finish upgrades.

Must be a new player… Not such a long ago, announcement was only 2 day earlier :slight_smile: so please don’t complain