Why are my spike traps so weak?

I’ve been having trouble fighting a board design. It’s the one with the zig zag at the end, 3 rows, 2 with spike traps. The first row has no spike traps but you can’t kill the spike traps in the second row until you get to the first U-turn and actually get to the 2nd row.

So I tried to design that board for myself. My spike traps are all max level and pearled up to where the next pearl level will only give them another 30 to 35 health. Each also has a level 1 health rune.

I have them backed up with 1 health tower, max level, pearled up to level 53, & a level one increase power rune.

When I tested the board I designed, when I’m on the first row before the first U-Turn, I can destroy my spike traps easily. And this doesn’t work if you can destroy the spike traps. Is there some trick I’m missing?

I haven’t tried backing it up with 2 health towers yet, but as easily as I’m destroying my spike traps I don’t think a 2nd heal tower would do much.

Can someone tell me why my spike traps are so much easier to destroy than the spike traps I’m seeing in my enemies boards. I’m mostly fighting enemies about 4,200 to 4,300 Trophy level.

They are catching heals and/or howls and most likely multiple together. Some positions of the heal tower still seem to heal things even though it shows no hearts. Monks, wolves, yeti, and Conquest boosted Vikings will make them tougher, and so will defense beasts like Growl, Howl, or to a lesser extent Phoebe. You still have to test it some to know what is going to be hit and not hit if that is your goal.

Last thing I can think of is your alliance level may be lower, strength of the boost goes up a bit every few levels. You can check the alliance upgrades on the wiki, they didn’t finish the chart, but you can see the level individually on the specific boost there.

Thanks, I didn’t know about alliance levels effecting boosts, that would explain a lot.

I have a wolf in every wave, so it’s getting all the howls it can.

I don’t use monks on defense but can experiment with that as well.

I tried it with the Pheobe beast, I’ll try it with the Howl Beast. But that beast doesn’t howl till it gets to an enemy so I don’t think that will help much.

My guess is it’s mostly my alliance level, I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

I just did some research………

When you said that the strength of the boosts goes up a bit every few alliance levels, did you mean the strength of pearl boosts or elite/pro/war boosts?

I couldn’t find anything on pearl boosts getting strong with the alliance levels, but I did find some info on elite/pro/war boosts getting more expensive as alliance levels go up.

I only know of 1 elite/pro/war boost for the spike traps. The Elite boost that only adds ice damage and freezes enemies. It doesn’t do anything to make them harder to destroy.

Do the pearl boosts also go up when alliance levels get higher, or did I misunderstand?

the elite boost, you’ll see a number in the left corner for its current strength level.

Howls and heals do increase the strength significantly though, so they do play a big part in what survives and what doesn’t. Can effectively multiply the hp or replenish it before you damage it unless you have a counter.

I had to turn on the elite boost to see the number in the upper left corner, and I now see that the elite boost for the spike trap also adds health. But my number is only 1/4. That goes up with alliance level?

I also notice that I’m mostly fighting people with an alliance level of 80, my alliance is only level 50. Is level 80 the level where that number will max at 4/4? Is there a link for a sheet on this?

Heal no doubt will help, but howl only helps when you get to a wolf. I have a wolf in every wave, but if I put in the Howl Beast, that wont help until the player reaches the Howl beast, which is after that first U-Turn. If the player can destroy the spike traps in the first row before reaching the Howl Beast after the first U-Turn then it doesn’t help protect that first row.

Goes to a maximum of 6 (lvl 80) and you will have to keep putting gold into it till it says 4/4 in your case to get the most out of it. Health will go up each one a bit.

It is one of the cheaper ones, but all boosts cost more as you make them stronger. Most last longer in the highest version though, and your alliance level seems to determine how much they cost.

Thanks. Do all boosts max out at alliance level 80?

All of the elite ones. War boosts are based on placing with a certain number of fiefdoms, pro is based on combined team pro scores, and conquest is placing in your tier level.

Got ya, thanks for the help