Why are skulls capped at level 95?

Pardon me if this discussion has already been had. I tried searching the forums for any related thread but couldn’t find the answer.

I’m relatively new to the game (6 months), but I’m wondering why there’s a skulls cap of 1015 unperked. Was this something the players wanted or is it something Flare has kept in place?

I think it would be a lot more fun for players at the higher levels and alliances to be able to search for more skulls rather than relying so heavily on skull perks and cof.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong nor will it be the last  :grinning:   Any info on this would help!

1015 is the skull cap unperked, that’s how Flare made the system and players haven’t shown to be particularly mad about it, I think it’s ok

A level 95 hero should be able to win raids against any other king (that it depends also on alliance plus boosts is a certainty), but it has a history.

We have had a level 120 hero in the game (SorinM I believe it was) who retired before first war season started. Then suddenly he returned. At those moments there was no cap and skulls were solely related to hero level.

Resulting in bleeding too many skulls for high level kings and as a natural response alliances started to kick the highest hero levels, they lost wars because of this. So Flare came up with a solution, after level 95 the skulls don’t increase any more. Most top teams have players with hero level 95+. So it’s a fair decision.

Beavis -  as you are new I will make your life a lot easier in game,  throw out logic and globally accepted rules of Mathematics when wondering why Flare do what they do.  

Choose whichever one of the below answers makes you happy,  and convince yourself THAT is the reason why Flare chose 1,015 as the cap.  

A-  they couldn’t be bothered going any higher when coding it. 

B -  1,015 is exactly 5 less than 1,020 

C -   because 1,016 would just be silly 

D - it was a Tuesday when they decided it. 

In the old system, theres different skulls value for every level.Theres no skull cap but this at least in the top 50 alliances war maybe even top 100 creates a situation where the same highest level player with easiest base becomes a target.60 players will grind on the same three bases and this becomes very unfair for player that are being targeted.In the old system theres no attack limit, so you could receive over 1000 attacks if you fight alliances like Apocalypse or Roaring Lions.For this, FG put the skull cap at level 95, since majority of players are close or already above that level.CoF skulls was random that time too, so you can raid rank 60 player and still get 100 skulls in CoF.Theres also no shield available yet.Idk why they choose 1015 though but theres no problem with that.

Thanks for all the responses. I can see now that there are reasons why the cap is in place. Since I am not yet to level 95, I guess it was unfair of me to assume what higher level players would want.