Why are the android gem packages 30% more expensive than apple's?

Ipad version - 20,000 gems for $99.99

Android version - 20,000 gems for 129,99


All of the other gem packages are the same 30% difference between the two systems and it pisses me off


I’ve already spent $30 on the ipad, but I dropped that account as I prefer my phone account because I always have it with me on my phone and don’t have to fight over sharing it with my wife and son


Every time I get offered a sale I’m not enticed to buy it - I’m cheesed that it always costs a lot more. I’ve only bought a $12 deal once, and that was because all of the stars aligned (gem deal + good armor drop + starter package offer)


If the system is supposed to be location based - it’s crap - I live in the same place always, so both accounts should be charged the same, also Google wallet charges USD so currency isn’t an issue (I’m also from Canada, so by default we usually pay 10% more already for the higher USD).


In short - I don’t understand why there are any payment option discrepancies at all - it feels like an unjust form of discrimination. $99.99 isn’t equal to 129.99 (which is worse at a whooping $143 Canadian)…

… and windows too it appears??

The only reason I can think of why the prices differ aside from currency exchange rates is. When you have a game on playstation/xbox you pay them a percentage for every dollar made. Now big tripple A titles can negotiate the percentage because some people buy the consoles based on the games. I don’t think this is how apps work. They might have to pay a flat percentage to the providers for being on their platform. And flare will have to make a set profit margin resulting in price differences.

 There are many full apps that only cost $1, and Android is known for being cheaper/more open than apple in virtually all ways…

The price is irrelevant. It’s about percentage. We don’t know the terms regarding their agreement with Android. For example Android might not be happy with companies using tapjoy on their devices without taking a higher cut. I’m pretty sure that their not making Android uses pay more just for the sake of it.

Are you all also getting sales discounter a whole 1-3% in the store? 

Which region do you play the game from? I just checked and in my region (Germany) the prizes are exactly the same on Android and iOS.

Jona its not prizes its gem prices, UK Android 20,000k gems £74.99 on Windows, £69.99, don’t know about IOS.

For 99, u can many good games out there, paid users are insane

… or they like the game and want to support it, without paying players the game would not exist … FTP players actually gain the ability to play because paying players keep the game alive.