Why are we discriminated ?

Why are we discriminated against? Problems with video, boost, gameplay and many more… WHY!!!

Don’t go overreacting by calling a technical issue of what’s happening now the same as video & boosts.

maybe we need to write to microsoft. Write them it is unfair business competition. It's a bit like promoting iOs and android

Who is ‘we’ exactly?

windows users

I prefer to play on Win10, see no reason to complain. Only thing missing there is tapjoy

Still can’t watch videos ads. ?

Last year I faced same problem on my tablet on Windows 10. On 1 December suddenly videos stopped working. I tried the trick with removing VungleSDK folder plus the WSReset trick. Nope, not working. I transferred my account on my work laptop and there videos were still working. I took around 8-10 videos per week, to help me to get gold for upgrades. 

We tried a lot, some players still got videos, while others didn’t get them to work. Flare said that it is Vungle that was causing it. Then… someone in August used Fiddler or another sniffing tool to check what was send towards Vungle. The JSON format that was send was just incorrect due to regional settings in some case. In other words a program code blunder. 

In September this was fixed, so literally 8 months we have been without videos due to this bug. Now I am not surprised if a similar issue is causing this. A tool like fiddler should be used (by Flare! or a user who understands what he is doing) and capture the JSON format that is send over towards Vungle. Then flare can check if there is something wrong or not and fix the issue. Video chests are a good source of anything, including some gems every now and then. Players without them are really in disadvantage.

The first 22 months of this game Windows players didn’t get videos, since it wasn’t supported. Then some of them didn’t get video chests for another 8 months. It’s been long enough now, this bug needs to be taken care off. 

win users… U sucks !!! …why only iOs and andr. have subs. ? why issues are always on winUsers ?

Buying gems and cost for package and subscriptions are cheaper in Windows.

When videos stops, just uninstall game and reinstall it.  You can choose your game progress when asked.

So no problem i think

I did it allready many times


Flare allow having an account on android or ios for buying subscriptions.  But everything on windows is cheaper

Since when subscriptions are available in Windows??? :wacko: :blink:

No subscriptions, but everything else is cheaper on windows.

Probably depends on currency (?), to me Windows used to be cheaper a few years ago, though now prices in Google are slightly lower than in Windows :slight_smile: