Why are you complaining?

Hello Super Heroes

Constant complaints about the game when I enter the forum page. but sorry, To me, it is the job of cowards to complain. 

errors can occur in every system or every job. it is important to produce solutions and help. 

it comes to mind… Are you complaining about God? I do not even want to give a chance to such a thing. 

I ordered pizza, now it is.

see you guys ?

Good words.

hope they will fix balance

Even though it can be very annoying to see a ton of complaining, the forums are built for that. There are always gonna be people who complain and they have the right to do that. You are right that bugs happen with every company and this is something we need to realize. Instead of just complaining, we should complain AND try to come up with ways to solve the problem

Your right dear ?


The addicts gonna complain if u take their fix away 

And then I open the forum and the first thread that greats me:

Again someone complaining … ?


hey, i am not complaining about technical matters. so You have a great, careful and analyst personality. ??

You’re complaining about complainers in a place made for complaining. Complain-ception!

In all seriousness, @AwesomestKnightest nailed it. Complaining isn’t helpful and there’s certainly a lot here, but there’s a lot of constructive criticism too. And even if a poster doesn’t have a solution, their ideas could still be valid so long as they’re trying to be helpful. 

the new glasses, in my profile picture, make me smarter :wink:  

By hiding half your face? Lol ?

Kids these days lol

You may be right, but you complain to me. ???

I am very bad ???

I complain for FG SELLING things (like Ceres) and a day after they nerf it. I complain for years of perks in things becamed unusable now. I don’t spend money but time and efforts. Now i fell cheated and like my efforts are useless.

Thats why i complain, cause FG act like a scammer.

hey, you need to know that. everyone is perfect in this game but I am not. I just do not like to complain. but I’m sure you’re right about yourself. 

cake and orange juice are great, do you want it? ??

I think it’s not complaints, but simply see and understand where Flare wrong. There is a long time, so many commitments and so much effort to this 3 years. Unfortunately, we were stretched right and left off by playing well for guilty of many bugs. I hope they will be resolved as soon as possible

I think you told very well.  do what you want. ?  It’s a matter of understanding people. ?

It’s not  a matter of bugs. I donlt like them but i play viedogames from a long long time and i know it’s normal there are and they will ever be. But if you today sell a package with Ceres = 50 usd and a day after you nerf it, this is  a robbery, a fraud.

I use Janus, i prefer it and i don’t have Ceres, it’s just an example to explain.

FG have the big luck we ONLY complain, cause i can assure you, a class action could end in a very bad way for FG. In Europe at least.

I am not a member of any alliance. The reason is very simple. because the amount of the alliance donation is 750 thousand. also my age is very small compared to some. 

If I want now, the my donation amount will be 1500k.

this is not the problem. the problem is, all alliances are protesting the administration department.

but I am protesting all the alliances.


alliances want their members to increase the amount of donations.


is not it normal to increase the prices in the (flaregames)? 

they complain in vain and protest.

The complaining in vain are a FG problem. I speak only for myself but when i’ll stop to complain will be cause they fix troubles, or cause i leave the game. The risk is all of them.

I think we’re talking about two different things, Willy. True, I am very sorry since Ceres was weakened. But beyond this this there are bugs. especially problems with touch. type of recovery for videos. what is it for? so either they have to be resolved as soon as possible and have the possibility to greet many players