Why can I not participate in the PL?

I was given a ticket last night and was planning on playing today when I had the time, but now I find that I cannot enter the PL! I’m fairly certain that this is the way it is supposed to be, where you can’t enter the PL once the time left is under 24hrs, but it doesn’t make any sense! There’s still time left in the PL but what for? If you can’t participate why doesn’t the event just end and we just get the rewards on Monday?

Added screenshot to show that I can’t participate

I remember I could not join the professional league without more than 12 hours remaining time.

If you look at your shot, it will remain for 20 hours. If this is left, I remember I could join before.
In fact, how long will it be possible to enter a professional league?

Have Flare ever changed the time limit to this entry?

It’s 18h before I think

It’s as Alumbri said, you can’t join the pro-league when there’s less then 18 hours left.

If you intend to participate, the best idea is to join right away, even if you don’t pretend to play in the next moments.

You can register until 18:00 UTC on Monday. So since the Pro-League ends 12:00 UTC on a Tuesday, that’s 18 hours.

Yeah, I figured. Why is it like that? Why can’t we participate all the way until the countdown is up? Is it to limit the amount of hackers or what?

I agree AK, I don’t see the point in denying us the ability to join after 18 hours are left.  Sometimes I’d like to play but I’m not sure I’ll have the time.  I usually won’t know til I get home from work.  By then, It’s too late. You can start ninjas up til the last second, why not the Pro League?


Hi there,

We wanted to avoid people joining too late and therefore wasting their ticket. More opinions on the topic are always welcome :slight_smile:

If they join too late then that’s 100% their fault. I’d rather be able to join throughout the entire event rather than be locked out the last day just because some players MIGHT make a bad decision

i think the delay is too long…

Pro league is played in a hour time when you play constantly

a time limit of 6 hours should be enough for all players

I would agree, 6 hrs seems like more than enough time.  Anyone who doesn’t understand the time limit on pro is still not going to understand it whether there is 18 hours left or only 6 hrs.