Why can I not put the Archer Skin on?

Title basically says it all. I bought the archer skin but because we have the Pro Archer boost, it won’t be applied. PLEASE FIX THIS! Very irritating use gems to buy a new skin and not be able to use it

Maybe its there but you cant see cause of big pro archer activated . Can u confirm by attacking anyone? If its the archer in the whole or big pro archer only. 

Thank you. 

I can confirm that it IS just the big Pro Archer. Thanks Kamakshya!

Hi there,

We noticed this behaviour when testing but decided to keep it that way.

We had the following idea behind it- we wanted to display the Pro-Archer skin in the menu because it was hard-earned through fighting but the archer skin is still applied in battle. However, we probably could also do something like displaying the skin when the button is pressed, and when the button is pressed again, the pro-archer skin will be displayed in the menu. I will forward this to the developers.

Thanks Madlen! It would be useful to have the skin not be automatically displayed as the Pro Archer. Anyway, the skin works as intended in battles and it’s awesome!


Skin work’s fine for little archer but not for the big one !

Hi Rentel, That behavior is correct and intended. :slight_smile:

But it would be pretty cool to see the big one with the new Skin ?

Literally the best reason to buy the skin, lol.

I don’t know why anyone would prefer the pro skin over one bought with personal funds… That makes no sense. And on top of that, putting on the skin is a button isn’t it? It’s an optional thing, you could choose to take it off when you get the pro boost couldn’t you?