Why Can't I work on 2 missions for cursed items at the same time?

I recently spent 20 million in gold to curse 2 items. I did them at the same time because I thought it might be possible to work on finishing the 2 missions at the same time. The mission for the first item is to accumulate 100,000 points in an alliance war, which everyone knows will take 2 separate wars. Imagine my displeasure when the second cursed item appeared in a second chest that is hidden by the first one. I guess I was a bit naive to think both chests would appear separately and display their individual mission. So now I have to finish the first mission before I can see what the mission will be for the second cursed item. And if the mission is the same as the first one, it means I will have to wait a minimum of 10 days after the end of the upcoming war before I can begin the mission due to the next war not starting until a new war season begins. And that war won’t end until 3 days from now. If flaregames provided more and better information regarding the cursing of items I would never have wasted resources cursing an item that I might not be able to start a mission for until 13-14 days from now. Complaints about a lack of information regarding the cursing of items have been written about on here for more than a year now. Isn’t it about time admin did something about it?


I haven’t seen chests anymore about VP in wars… Is it still happening?

Chest multiple quest, is a good idea. Items is also possible 3 at a time, but not easy.

I have a VP chest right now. Waiting 2 weeks to finish it. With another mystery behind it.

@dumpster you get VP required for chests?

I only get VP for items.

Yeah. These ones, right?image1

Did you mean to tag me there?

Yes, because I haven’t gotten one of those in MONTHS…

But now I realize, it’s probably only for unique cursed… which means its a task only to get a unique once you cursed one.

Yes it’s for the unique curses.


Thanks for bringing this feedback, I’ve added it to the list of things we will discuss when planning the next version.