Why can't low level players take advantage of higher players open bases?

I thought I would check out Ciccio’s base with my lower level account and I would get 52,000 gold and 15 trophies. But with my usual account I would get around 150-160k and 10 trophies. Even if my low level attacked me (level 59) he would get more gold than attack Ciccio. How and why?

It’s a protection of the game. It would be easy grinding a friend’s open base.

I get that but Ciccio is far from that. It can only mean they don’t want low players getting much gold. CoF is crazy gold wise, 2,600 gold in the first chest most the time, then maybe 5k lol


It is to stop kings stripping from very low level (in terms of trophies) accounts, in the past a certain cheat we all know used to park his proxy kings at low level and then strip top 10 kings before feeding his gains to his main account. In order to alleviate this a trophy ‘range’ was introduced to ensure that someone had to be within a sliding scale of the opponent to gain the full amount of trophies, gold and medals.