Why can't they pass my defense?


Hello Dears ?

I’ve been noticing something for the past last months. my level 104 and i’m not stronger. why can’t they pass my defense even though I’m low warrior?

under normal circumstances, they’re definitely capable of defeating me.

I wonder, is this a coincidence or a game logic error?

thanks ?

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A lots of stuffs in factor here. Can be they don’t have forge their units. Can be they don’t have strong boost maybe level 1 or 2. Can be the leader of their alliance just boost level 1 and don’t make the units useful. Can be wrong items, wrong combo Can be your base its too much forged vs their units. Bad skills,etc…

Really hard to know the real reason behind those fails

hımm ? understand very well dear ?

Hi Exiled, I renamed the thread because the topic name has to be factual and inform what the thread will be about :slight_smile:

Also, I am moving this to players helping players.

thanks dear :heart: you are wonderful ? 

You are on a lvl 80 alliance, the boosts and beasts are strong even for lower level players, also the hero level does not always represent the defense strength because you could have high level buildings and units already. The defense beast strength, though, depends of the hero level. They could be overconfident too, and the beast send them home.

hello dear ?

Yes I have better understanding that this is about right. In fact, I think the game has overly unnecessary unit updates. I don’t use these units. for example knigt also arrow and frost tower. I never updated these units.I think the defense wave algorithm is important.

thanks for comment ?

I’m starting to understand better ?

luck is on your side

Yes, you are absolutely right ?