Why cant we watch the promo vids? while we can watch all the vids in the Alliance tab just fine????

Hi all :slight_smile: I ve been playing RR2 for a loooong time, and I LOVE the game!!! however, I was always wondering how come we (windows cell users) cant watch the juicy promo vids that double gold from raids, shorten training and construction time, and give an additional free legendary chest in the daily rewards tab? while we can watch just fine all the vids in the alliance tab ? (elite boost vids, war boost vids, insta-troop vid, alliance war vid, and alliance vid)

Moreover, how come I cant connect my RR2 account with my FB account and get the 10th insta-troop and the 35 gems, while I can connect just fine to my fb account through the Shop tab by clicking on the icon, with the hero playing with his mobile, to LIKE the RR2 fb page???

Well, videos regarding tutorials, wars and some other things about the game are made by Flare. Videos ads on the other hand, have nothing to do with Flare, they’re more connected to ad providers or something like that, so if we can’t watch ad videos, there’s nothing we or Flare can do.

why dont these ad providers want to make their vids accessible to the millions of windows cell users around the world??? …are they brain-dead?? Cant they just upload their vids on youtube, like FlareGames does, so we can all access them via RR2? Anyway, I suggest FlareGames change the message that appears when a windows cell user clicks on a promo vid in RR2, from “we have no offers at the momment, please try again later” to “We are sorry but this vid is not available because the ad provider is LAME and it s marketing SUCKS!!!”

Thanx for replying Karman, REALLY appreciate it :slight_smile:

Ok, don’t worry. Here I’ll answer you the new questions:

Providers don’t upload their videos to YouTube because that’s not how ads work, it’s easier to show them in the game itself. And also, they don’t like to make ads for Windows because Windows Phone is a bad market, it doesn’t compare to Android or iOS at all, so as Windows doesn’t generate enough money, they don’t make videos for those platforms.

Yeah u r right :frowning: just checked the revenue each major platform generates for developers from the New relic site. The average iOS app generates between $500 and $1000 per app per month, while Android is far behind with median revenues between $100 and $200 per app per month, and …Windows Phone and Windows 8 trail behind with median revenues between $1 and $50 per app per month.

I d better go get an iOS or an Android mobile ASAP :frowning:

Sorry 99% of what said here is wrong…

There is a problem with the app though uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it.

If you have a WP yes I have 8 and 10 and both work. I have 3 pcs and they work.

The uninstall reinstall works … so don’t listen to people who don’t even own one.

This has been a issue on iPhones too but I would not recommend buying a new phone?

I still wonder why there is a difference in cooldown period for receiving a legendary chest for watching a video? I have no clue if it’s OS or country depended.

I for example have a cooldown period of 4 hours between chests, others (who have video chests) seem to have a cooldown period of 2 hours.

To be honest, some even tell me that raiding is no longer, even when they need to upgrade most expensive upgrades. They just login every two hours, collect those chests and get 8+ chests per day this way. Save them for almost two days and those 16+ chests give you enough burning materials for blacksmith, plus enough gold for almost any upgrade.

There is no way that players who have a longer cooldown (for example me, who due to work can max collect 3 chests on a working day) ever can compete with it. It’s no complaint, but I wonder why this difference exists?

That is interesting I get about 4 free chests …

Though I have never really kept tabs on it if that’s always been it.

Maybe its more by lvl ?


My cooldown period time always has been 4 hours for watching a video to get a free uber chest. Only difference so far I found is a different country, as platform hero level and everything else is similar and still that cooldown time is half compared to mine.

I think it’s determined by the provider of those videos, but since both are Vungle that is strange…

For the record, I don’t complain, I am already happy with every free chest I get, haven’t had them for a long period, but this kind of difference gives a huge advantage to players getting more free chests during the same period of time. Since we can save those chest for almost 2 days, the difference is enormous.

So the other player receives double amount of chests. No wonder they don’t even need to raid any longer, not only there is way more gold for them for upgrades, they also get way more pearls, items, vouchers plus gems this way. And that every day. That’s why I wonder why this difference exists and if there can be done something about it. And no, no longer cooldown period for them, lower cooldown for the others please.

Of course, players that don’t receive any chests is also not fair, but flare can’t do a thing to correct this, it’s up to the video provider.

I am one of those who get a chest every 2 hours. In the beginning it was 3 hours, later 2 with sometimes 2.5 mixed in between.
I still have to raid, though, because it’s not possible to collect them over the complete day :grinning:  And i have 8 workers to feed.
It is a huge advantage nethertheless. Also concerning pearls and gems, as you said.

A friend of mine (same country, same Android) gets a chest only every 3 hours. It may have to do something with activity, as i
play more …

I wouldn’t have given a lot of informaton if I hadn’t Windows Phone, I’ve reinstalled the app a lot of times and yet videos are not fixed.

To be honest with u all, I m not feeling disadvantaged because I got a Windows Phone and I dont receive the special offers that Android and iOS users do. I was just curious why we could watch the demo vids and not the special offer vids…that s all.

RR2 is a VERY generous game that gives a TON gems…the key is to love raiding tough castles, collect medals and win leagues, by the way, today I completed a quest (without knowing) and got 3500 GEMS!!! …thats CRAZY!!! as for gold, after the ninja event, all raids seem to be LOADED, I can easily find 4-5 castles that give 700k and 800k in one hour.   

Then try a reset or join insiders…

Generally I reinstall and restore user and wait 3 minutes and not hammer the videos initially.

But since ninja update I have not needed to to one. Try getting on a good WiFi first.

I would reset phone as that fixes things on all platforms.


I always play connected to a Wi-Fi network, that’s how I’ve reinstalled the game many times too. I haven’t tried the waiting three minutes thing, but I don’t see how that could make a difference. Resetting the phone requires some time I don’t have.

And what do you mean by “join insiders”?

You can get more current builds but if you don’t know about it then maybe not…

I just reinstall and it works…

the insiders lets you go to wp10 if you want but depends on phone a bit… I have a 1520 2 gig so good.

It bypasses you carrier if they are lazy about updates.

This problem seems to jump from platform to platform based on my reading in forum.

Just make sure its the only thing running and reboot occasionally or before heavy use.

These things help on all platforms so … :slight_smile:

I use. A surface pro mostly but it happens occasionally on it too its just a weird bug they need to track down.