Why Conquest Mode is a failure?

1.Clearly from the way,the 4.0 and 4.1 feature has been designed,i can tell for sure,Flare team doesnt have either a Product Manager or  UX guy for the past 4.0 and 4.1 release.

2.Not so clear communication about changes that were released last week.

There have been plenty of changes compared with the first conquest and the video you made is just the tip of the iceberg.FAQ is not updated still.For the record,previous conquest had some missing information too. I also miss the Wiki.

3.You dont care about the Users.I am seeing long time members quitting.

4.Communication in game is ***** and uttterly disorganized.


a)Alliance message used to be a notification for everyone to follow.

What did you do to it? Put rubbish and Garbage Conquest messages and destroyed it.

b)Sticky notes and Alliance chat are not even used.For a player to know which war to join or whether to join,he needs to read through Alliance chat,sticky notes,VIP chat ( only for generals),alliance messages,messages sent as friends,whatsapp,discord and whatever communication platform they use because game chat was built for clear cut communication.After going through all these,the player has to decide.oh…if there is no such information in any of these,he should contact the general.Clearly fun to play.Oh…sorry read everything to play.

It could have been avoided if you just reused the functionality used for the friends feature just for conquest but to all of the alliance members added already(Still wont solve i think) .You could have used Flash messages moving on top of the screen for important messages.

c).You may say that that is why flare added Command/order.None of them knows about it or understood it still.

Every few hours,somewhere war starts.Some general saw it and pointed him to a particular war.Soon after,another war starts and the general had already logged off.Ends up very well for the alliance and nice feature by the way.

4.There is no way to block players from joining war.The player should be able to join rejecting it still.Helps him to check with others why not to join.

5.A general should always be online for 8 days giving troops,doing research,building watch towers,explaining everything from why to move,where to move (doing handover to another general to take a few minute break),thinking strategy,explaining it,requesting everyone to donate resources,message a player for urgency.Clearly fun to play it or should i say talk about playing for long hours.

6.Sitting out with eyes wide open 24*7 waiting for where and when war will start is also fun.Waiting for war,talking about war,readiing about what to do - these are all the requirements to win.