Why cursed items are actually big curse of OR?

Hello everyone,

Lately I am finding these kind of tasks and cursed titan items which costs (100 gems to break ,seriously why they didn’t make it 1000 gems like unique cursed chests which only give another duplicate ? unique)

The difficulty of cursed items was reduced somewhere in February this year but still, I find doing these tasks a complete pain and not to mention the costs (frankly they are insane)

I can buy one eternal chest for 75 gems but why a godlike cursed item requires 50 gems to break or titan level 100 gems?

Not to mention the battles in autoplay ?

I would love to see developers doing these absolutely difficult task everyday(which I and OR players are doing)

I would like to point out one more thing dropped rate of cursed items is very low.

At higher levels they are an absolute requirement.(I was hoping developers can allow us to reforge old five star titan items instead they brought refinement feature which is completely a joke. Sorry, this is what refinement process is and I have advised my teammates not to touch it)

When I use gems to break the curse, i find even worse perks as shown in 2nd screenshot.

I’ve fought a lot of battles in a last few days and not seen a single cursed item from the vault, maybe they reduced the drop rate?  Last item I got was something almost identical to that ring above, just regular perks from a cursed item, which I find insulting, especially if you pay gems to unlock for a standard piece of junk. 

That autoplay task at a high ascension lvl (110+) is very hard to find the opponents, Below lvl 100 it isn’t such an issue. 

The drop rate hasn’t changed. 

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss it internally.

I think it would be nice to see the base stats on cursed items improved somewhat (particularly the cursed items with “normal” perks). Under the old forging system you could get some nice results with items that were just a *little* bit better than standard gear, but it’s dampened by the current forge system.

It would be nice if the cursed gear with normal perks always generated with values above the standard generation tables. It would make them more special.  Right now they are sometimes better than standard gear, which is a bummer, particularly when they are expensive/time consuming to uncurse.

I think the cursed gear with unique perks are fine as-is.

@Madlen when will the scam of the unique items in consecutive duplicates end? I have 9 unique items and for 4 consecutive times he gave me a duplicate after crused a unique item making me throw in the toilet 5 item 5 stars, 50 million and weeks of time. you have to stop cheating us, it’s an absurd squalor
It’s disgusting, now what do I do with yet another consecutive double? who gives me the time, the 5-star items and the gold thrown into the toilet? do you realize, yes or no, how lousy you are not to fix this squalor? now I have to throw other item in the toilet other time and other gold to revive a further cheating or do you want to wake up and do something decent?

i repeat 4 consecutive duplicate for a player who have total 9 unique item is a fraud 


I agree it’s expensive and time consuming, but I guess that’s the intended price to pay to get a Unique.

Remember 6 months ago, when you said you had no interest in gem reward?  :grinning:

Any gem reward is welcome as you will need them later on when leveling up.

Now new war system.has increased difficulty a lot.

I have to use invocation on raids but my point is cursed items are a complete trash now.

I complete a task or use gem wnd result is disappointing.

I mean I always end getting worse possible perks on them,like regeneration, petrify,life on hit list goes on.

My last eight unique items are only duplicate in less than two months???

Again the cost of breaking cursed items,chests is insane.

I am requesting @Madlen to pass this info to developers that they either need to make cursed items better,cursed unique chests should not produce only another duplicate or simply lower the costs of gems required to break curse.

It just make no sense in wasting gems on duplicate unique items or useless cursed items 

So you want something like this?



Yeah something like that , I agree with @CaptainMorgan that FG is generous with unique items as they increased the amount of titan chests and increased the possibility of finding unique items but duplicate unique item problem actually excited even before 3.1 introduction.

He does know this that eventually someone will end up finding all unique items in the game.(then sust will keep generating more unique items which will be counted as unique item since a player has managed to find all of them)

I am crazed about unique items because they allow players to unlock new colorsets most of them need boost in perk values to make them valueables.(I am waiting for the day when a player will not curse Talaria for a chance of finding  some other unique item)

This is a torture for me, eight duplicate unique items in row that too in less three months, this is even worse than not finding any unique items ?

(Yeah last year at this time I have zero unique item???)

Either they can introduce new unique items or simply apply a patch for not producing a duplicate unique item from cursed unique cheats.

or better remove task requirements from cursed titan chests as a palyer is required use a 5 star titan item plus 10 million gold then wait for 3-4 weeks to unlock a cursed titan chest to find another duplicate unique item ir just waste another 1000 gems to open that chest.

I wonder if FG is doing it on purpose???

to lower its player base like they did with RR II.

The numbers seem very odd, as you have around 40% of the possible uniques and now you get 4 in  row that you already had. The standard odds of that are very low yet it happens commonly to players.  I’ve heard it said before that it’s not random, but never actually got an answer from the devs… if the item drop depends on what heroes you’ve most use or least, then only a change in play style will give different uniques.   I play with all heroes as much as possible, and actually got my 12th unique before getting a duplicate - the odds of this are extremely low also, so I’m guessing something else plays it’s part in the algorithm. 

Me for 14 months of the game dropped no more than 7 unique things . My buddies have the same situation . And you write that FG generous)

@ZuZuu well captainmorgan did increased the odds of finding unique chests way back in February this year and as a result some people started to find unique items but I also know this some of us haven’t found much items.

It’s all about luck,buddy.

I sometimes find two unique items a month or just one in two months.

I just want fg to do something about unique items in general.(like increase the perk value and make them the better option than a cursed item and remove the duplicate unique items all together from cursed chests,its annyoing to find another duplicate item from them)

Most of them are trash anyway despite what fg claims otherwise 

I think they’re should definitely fix whatever makes it so you can get the exact same unique when you curse one , but I would rather get a 2nd Apple of discord or better versions of 3 or 4 of my current uniques than a couple of the uniques I don’t have. Just because I don’t have talaria boots doesn’t mean I want to spend 15m gold to get them, thank you. 

I don’t mind one Talaria but my cursed unique chests are giving me items that I found before.

I am only cursing duplicates but still no luck in finding new items ?


You know what I’m saying though, right? I’d rather get a better duplicate of one of the good uniques than a brand new copy of one of the uniques I don’t value. Would you be upset if you got a second apple?

what you say is right (as always), the problem is that it is frustrating the players is counterproductive, imagine if instead of doubles you had a 95% chance to find new unique items when you curse a double many people would be inclined to spend the gems to get the object immediately with a gain for flaregames … I find it really absurd and dull this policy olta to frustrate the players that I repeat is also counterproductive and masochistic for flregames, as it is possible that developers do not understand this concept simple and elementary?

please stop doing abstract philosophy, find two apples of discord is a fortune, find 3 mirrored shields, 2 pig heads and 2 armor for Jason is a completely different thing, so avoid contradicting just for the sake of it

I think paying gems to open he chest SHOULD give you a different unique.  Completing the quest normally SHOULD keep to FG’s not so random discovery, that would solve the issue for both parties.  Personally IF I knew it would be 100% diff unique I would pay the gems to open rather than get another duplicate.