Why did Flare disabled commenting on Server Update posts?

I’d like to see an official response why, now, for the first time ever, we can’t even comment/give feedback on server update posts?


One of the things I liked about Flare was that they could take and accept criticism (even though reaction to that criticism has been usually very slow but that’s another story). Not anymore? 


How will the company now see our response to their updates? You don’t care anymore Flare? Should we all delete our forum accounts and move on with our lives? I’m very curious to see the justification for that change. 

I noticed that too. My question: Defensive building upgrades now take a max of two days but upgrades that were underway already have not been shortened :slightly_frowning_face:

it ends on the 29th at 10am est usa according to fb

Thank you, I must have missed that.

oh no some in my alliance had their times drop in half on existing upgrades…but mine are frozen where they were

Hey :slight_smile:


We would rather have a topic in General Discussions to keep a clear history of the update patchnotes :grinning:

That is why we locked topics automatically (It is not to prevent you from expressing yourself :grinning:

Edit: My defensive upgrade referred to above is my Castle Gate which is solely a defensive building no?


Noted, will do so next times :grinning:


For the event, as it is stated, it is an event, so a surprise…

Would be great to know in advance about game events. I have all my workers busy and none of my buildings upgrades will finish in 2 two days so I won’t take any advantage of this event  :unsure:

You and your “surprises”…im quite used to them already.

I would vastly prefer to have a heads up about the update rather than have it be a surprise.  In addition, it would be great to have some in-game notifications about this stuff when it is rolled out.  Folks who don’t check the forum may not even be aware that a change happened.  


That said, I think it’s fine to have some secret stuff that you only find out about when it’s deployed.  New boosts, etc, definitely fall into that category for me.  The things I want to know about ahead of times are things that relate to upgrades & workers.  It’s frustrating to have a cool new time-sensitive thing come out but not be able to use it because all of your workers are in the middle of 7-10 day upgrades when the update is rolled out.  If I’d known about the Defense Boost event a week ago, I would have changed my build plans so that I could really have taken advantage of it.  Same thing for the alliance boost event a month or two ago - as it was, I was unable to upgrade my tower because all of my workers were busy for the entire duration of the event.



There is indeed push notifications ingame when such an event is released :grinning:


LOL, that would be an awesome party indeed, surprising the guests instead of the person who’s having the party :stuck_out_tongue:


There war a time when my friends wanted to do for me a surprise party at my home but I already found about this in advance and since I wasn’t in a good mood that day I decided not to come at all.  Yes, not to attend my own surprise party!..

After they realized I wasn’t coming at all, they were calling me telling me that the party already started without me :wink:

i didn’t have any in-game notification. maybe because i use windows phone. i dont even know what push notifications are.

thats why you should put messages in my in-game mailbox or somethign, so everyone can have information about events, not just the android users.

I don’t think there are push notifications for Windows Phone which I would certainly like to have.


If this is the case, that’s just silly.  I have accounts on my Windows Phone and Windows devices and  I didn’t get notifications on either.  Can someone confirm that they got a notification on Android or iOS?