Why did I never get the box for video advertisements?

Why did I never get the box for video advertisements? From the game start(july,11), even the button has not seen, see the red circle place and look at the photo.How to solve this problem?


You don’t get video chests on windows. 

Is there a way to make this more known. I had a leader who bragged he had 10 accounts so he could have one for each titan point. For some reason still did not understand windows does not get videos. People in an alliance kept telling me you can afford to donate gem and have your Uranus hall really high because just watching a video will cover it for you. I kept telling them I had no idea what they were talking about and they basically told me I was a liar. I ended up leaving that alliance because the leader wanted to play our accounts for us and his advice was horrible. Which is really sad because he bragged he was a leader of 5 alliances and was still calling me a liar about this.

Hey @Anchorageb2

Here’s the explanation:

@GalaMorgane Can we have a statement for no free video chests in Windows in the FAQ?

Who was it?

Hi, I am play Olympus rising on both platforms Android and Windows.

Windows does not allow ads of any kind on thier any games but you can watch Video’s on other platforms for the same games.

Also @Anchorageb2 Don’t listen to such so called leader, he probably plays in leagues of mortals with his all five alliances ???

Unless he has good intentions, which I doubt, that leader is a scammer and should be reported here:


That’s not true. Windows players can watch video ads in RR2.

If it’s who I think it is, they’ve been reported before and nothing was done.