Why do 98% off all the top players have an "L" shape base design?

Is it in the top of best methods with upgraded firebolts along the inside shooting over? Is there any point in doing it if you are a mid level king going up against people 10+ levels above you?

Its the best design to maximize your range troops ability and place tower where only range spells can hit, it can work at all level but not as effective with low tower and waves

L-Shape bases. Used by Players with highest waves morale.

This is one long choke line, designed for strong range troops and maxed+boosted ranged towers to destroy the attacking army, while the other troops deal with the king.

Because while very idealistic to a mid level king, a blizzard can take quite a few troops out with blockades and gargoyle towers when timed right. Its pretty useless to me at my level but changing it takes so long, I need some ideas but only ever get higher level attack and they defeat me anyway. Heal/sheild, hammerstrike and sonic blast is used mostly

They just copy from each other… Lack of inspiration… Hahaha

It must get boring doing the same design attacks every single time. Makes me not look forward to leveling up if L designs are my only opponents

Nobody at the top want to lose trophies you know, its not lack of inspiration its cuz theres only one best design.I’m sure many have tried different design but switch back to using L/N base cuz it actually work

As for Fresh, its not boring.Design is same, everything else is different.

I meant it must get boring going the same route on every raid against boosted mummys, wolfs, barricades, airblasters etc all the time. Not that the design itself is boring, just how everyone seems to have it

Which is why FG I think releasing new boost every war season, to give some variety.

The fault is on both side (developer and player): for developer because he forces you to build certain bases design, certain type of towers/obstacles placements that if you don’t place like the idea concept of these towers/obstacles, you have a big disadvantage.

Then there is the fault of the player: as i said before you are forced to certain actions that is (for example, if i have range troops, i’m going to create chokepoints all over my base = L base) or if i have range towers and i want to block king and his troops before they reach the tower i have to create also here other chokepoints = L base. The fact where “range” is very helpful can make really the difference.


However there is a thing to underline that is: people like copy and paste this is clear and should be obvious, so if you see all bases same someone could make maybe a little correction someone else think “mhh let’s try him, i lose against him = he has strong base = let’s copy its base design” - this is another thought that someone can think regarding all identical bases. In my opinion to change this aspect there should be other more interesting things to add, I will not dwell on what should be added exactly, but we have “few things put together” in the game and the randomness that we would like to have is low.


With same troops and same towers that allow you to do only specific things you can’t think to create different type of bases just because you will know that you will have a big disadvantage because you didn’t respect its rules. An example? You can’t think to put snake towers on the other side of a path if your intention is to deal damage to the king and its troops of the other side -> so you have to place range towers. That’s all !


But someone could say that exist elite boost that make difference the bases and it’s true but as soon as  you see that this elite boost is crap instead the other is good you will use the good one and you will create a path according with that. And when you will tell to other “hey this boost is sooo good” use them, the cicle of same base design return again. :grinning: