Why do certain perks glow?

Some of the items I have such as armor and weapons have perks that appear to be back lit and look as if they are glowing. Can anyone tell me what the significance of this is?

They are form Uber chest. The perk are above normal. You will also see the name of items in yellow vs white.

They glow because they are UNIQUE perks that you can’t find with a normal forging procedure that you can do.

And i think you don’t use windows : glow animation is shit (sorry but it is the best word)

Did you see the little light which not exceed the edge of the frame ? It is ugly !

One small change to this, the position is unique, but if you remove the perk and forge again, whatever is normal for that slot will also still be glowing.  All of those named items have at least 1 or more glowing positions.

Yeah I used to do that and the perk is still glowing even when it is a normal perk!

Yep, it’s a thing they should fix and put back to normal perk (no more glowing) if you forge it again.