Why do players have open base?



I am wondering why do some players and even high level players like 4500-5000 trophies have open bases with not a single defense? also raiding them offer high gold and trophies like 10 trophies and 400k gold for example so why do they do that and what’s the benefit for them?

They do that to lose trophies. Keeping their trophies low means they get better rewards when attacking higher players.  

Like, a 4500 trophy player gets more trophies/medals/gold for attacking a 5000 trophy player than a 5000 attacking a 5000. Also by keeping their trophies lower they can prevent higher ppl from attacking them, because they wont get much reward.

If I loose trophies while like let the king die at the beginning of the base does that help too? and if I make my base open do I lose a lot of gold too or the gold I will lose won’t be as much as beating my gate in  a strong base?

Some people open there base so they can be the next luizz???

i think gold crisis now, ppl open base to help their own friend on top to get gold via full gold boost item


Yea, since you said that the open bases had high loot, this is probably what they were doing. It is a common practice in the top 30 alliances to have members stock up on loot and then leave the alliance and open up their base so that their alliance members can attack them. Once they are drained, they come back into the alliance.


Its actually pretty smart. Since alliance boosts gold gained, there is an overall net gain for gold in the alliance. Person 1 loses 500k from a raid, but person 2 who raided him gets 750k from 50% gold boost. If people swap out who plays the feeder each time, the entire alliance will get a large net gain of total gold. Plus, for upper lvl upgrades that keep your workers busy for a week or more, it gives people something to do even if all your upgrades are busy.

With wearing gold boost gear, I guess you can get even more gold. But, after all, there’s system-generated loot in every raid, let’s not forget that. So the net gain might (without gold boost gear) not be much higher than on regular raids with decent loot? 



  1. You can lose full 500k even with an open base.

  2. For losing trophies, dying early on your own raids helps as well, obviously, yes. Though, letting your base open will not cost you food as it then are others’ attacks that let you fall in trophies. For not loosing too much gold in the process, use a gold shield or spend your gold on upgrades before going offline. 

Yes, I agree. I’ve restarted with a new account and I’ve purposefully kept my defense really weak. Most of the towers are level 1-3 (except for one spikepad that I upgrade whenever I get bored). This allows me to keep my trophies low and it increases the amounts of loot I can gain from the higher players. Although my base is not really an open base; it’s more like a base with baby towers and mid-range troops. The troops are the only dangerous thing in my base. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the long run, until you have maxed-out towers and spells and troops and the like (or at least close to max) there is really not much point in climbing the leaderboard. There’s always a bigger fish (to quote Qui-Gon from Star Wars) and there’s nothing to be gained from global ranking except pride. Unless you’re good enough to break the top 1000 or 500 or whatever it is that gives you the medal boost. I’ve never done it, and I’ve broken the top 5000 before. In the long run it’s probably better to have fewer trophies and make more gold.


And if your alliance leader wants a lot of high-trophy players, try to placate him by donating a lot of money. :grinning:

Once I find a high level player showing no towers and waves in his defence.being an alliance leader its my responsibility to take care of my players so I posted his name in alliance chat.each and every player in my alliance attacked on him even one among them increases his trophies from 1800 to 2000…lolll…after 2 hours of continuous attack he immediately placed all the towers and waves back…hehe

Haha :wink:


Though he might have intended exactly that: Losing trophies. If so, then you did him a favour :grinning:


Anyway, what I find more interesting than completely empty bases, are bases with few towers, short path but full wave troops. Then, the base can still be a challenge for considerably lower/weaker players, but still are considered very weak for at least similarly-ranked players. 

I remember several players that had their base open almost always when I was a lot weaker… always was a nice challenge to withstand those overwhelming hordes of wave troops and slowly, carefully advance along a straight path towards the castle gate with my weak spells and low-lvl raiding troops… felt like an achievement :slight_smile:

@heroesflorian-lolll…who cares whether I did him a favour or not…i hope he gives us more chances to decrease his cups…:wink:

When I want to drop trophies, I vice versa remove waves completely :slight_smile:

I don’t drop down trophies otherwise i lose too much time to regain them  :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh OK

does it help on Leagues too?

If I lose trophies will I get more medals when I attack the same players I was attacking before I lose my trophies?


how many trophies would be enough to get more rewards?

Trophies are one of the least useful things to have in the game until you are a truly formidable player. In general, that means having high level skull towers and sonic blasts and bladestorm and being around level 80 with your king. In the lower levels of the gameplay, high trophy counts mean less gold per raid, which means slower upgrades. I’m actually dropping part of my defense to try to lose trophies right now. Although it’s not really working; I may need to drop more towers. :stuck_out_tongue: