Why do trophies plummet after war? EVERY F TIME.

I’ve been playing this game slowly for the last 4 months and one thing that has been very very consistent is the plummeting of trophies every after a war has ended. This also occurred when the 1 day war still existed. Why do you think this is?

My personal theory is that the attacks we do during the war (our furies) count as attack on the world map. In this sense, and add the attacks we do in the world map as well during war time, it makes it as though we are very actively attacking within a day or 2 or 3 days. Bloody losing 100, 200 trophies every after war is such a pain.

That’s the wrong theory? it doesn’t counts up… many players don’t play on map during war as there best 2-3 heroes are on war… 

And after the war is over you get some war blessings making your island 15 Trophies for many players on map and they have there best heroes to strike on you… 

Ohhhh. I see. Still, losing 100+ trophies every morning after the war is such a headache.

@SharknadoYes it is … but you might be farming trophies during war time…

I only farmed trophies because I kept losing them even during war time. I had 5,650 trophies before the war, kept losing them during war so I fought to maintain 5,625 trophies and after the war, it dropped to 5,450. Ffffffuuuuuuuu.

Lvl up your defence then.

Teach me. :wink:

Also, don’t forget that after every war everyone has 2/3 heroes to position back on islands … and chances are in 2-3 days your good islands have been taken, so there’s probably at very least 3 attacks from everyone in a short time after war ends…

Buy gems. There’s no secret, just max out your structures. 

Im pretty sure the Odyssey/forging costs come into play too, after the war the gold farming begins and everyone goes battle-frenzy haha

If you assume that your “average player” does something like 20 raids per day in OR, they spend all their time doing war attacks during wars and just don’t have time for any, or at least more than bare bone map attacks. After war, you get the cumulative effect of players having time to actually do map attacks, their best heroes being available again *and* many players will start farming for Odyssey resources.

And if you assume less than 20 attacks per day (no idea what number is a realistic average in each trophy range), the above comes into play even more, as war then doesn’t even leave time for the bare bone map attacks.

Okay, so the point being? Sorry, I couldn’t get the point of the comment. :confused:

I do know about the odyssey and forging costs but this happens after war all the time. When not in war mode, I barely lose 50 trophies a day. But after war, 150 trophies. It’s a weird phenomena. Like as though there is a time table for trophy plummet.

The point being that during war a large proportion of the player base has no time for island attacks and thus trophies remain largely untouched during war. After war, these players return to regular island raids and trophies go down for a lot of players and increase for a few.

I see, yes, that makes sense.

Well as your trophy counts increases the raids on your base will also???.I lose 300-400 trophies every day even my all defense structures are maxed out but I also earn around 200 gems too???.Players playing OR are crazy about trophies and don’t care about gems.Also I earn trophies some too.

This is my battle log from last night after the war.As you can see I am being hit from all four corners???.

@Sharknado just max out your defense structures and then Even 20+ Ascenion players will have a hard time with your base .I am only at Level 99 but My DEFENSE system can still hold against such high level players ,in order to win trophies they have to use invocations or risk losing.???

My defence structures are maxed bro, just not sure about the defence layout. That’s why I asked NAPC to help me, lol.

Then work on your defense layout and keep exprimented with it and change units in guradhouse too.Apart from that you can not do anything except keep playing the game and bear with the furstration???

I know. :wink:  Wish I had a mentor though, lol.