Why do we get gems from others attack?

Some time I receive 1 or more gems from attack history… don’t understand why, anyone have a good explanation for this?


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If this isn’t a thing then there’s one less way to get gems

You sometimes get gems because people use gems on your base (for example they use scrolls with gems or pearls or they use resurrection potion, so you will get gems in return) You will get also more gems in return if the opponent player is an high level king: this because his scrolls/resurrection potion will cost more gems than a low level player(because scrolls or ressurect it’s not like spell that you can upgrade when you want, but they upgrade automatically when you reach a certain level of king (that is reported in the panel of the scroll)) so you will get also more gems in return for you.

Is it by chance? or by some kind of system reward? I saw someone’s video he gets like 100 gems from attacker. Flothaboss’s video

@oPelle Thanks! I understand it know

What about me!?!??!?!;??! :stuck_out_tongue: